The Eugene Chapter recommends the following guidelines when choosing a practitioner:

Practitioners who are knowledgeable about and use Weston A. Price Foundation principles in their practice, and who are also highly skilled and use methods that work with the body’s natural healing abilities.

Practitioners who do not use Weston A. Price Foundation principles in their practice, but are never-the-less effective at working with the body’s natural healing abilities, and supportive of your dietary and lifestyle choices.

Practitioners who push low-fat diets, USDA food pyramid, reduced-sodium dietsvaccines, mercury fillings, root canals, fluoride, routine antibiotics, or toxic drugs and treatments, and those who argue with or belittle their patients over their dietary or lifestyle choices.  For more information see: Treatments to Avoid

There are also practitioners who use a combination of techniques, some of which work with the body’s natural healing abilities, and some of which are allopathic in their modality and suppress or work against the body’s healing efforts.  These practitioners are tricky to use, as you need to be knowledgeable about the treatments being offered and selectively accept or decline them.  This type of practitioner more commonly comes from an allopathic (conventional) medical background.  Please help educate these practitioners, as they are likely in transition to more natural treatments.  If they are receptive, please send them to the website for articles and research, or invite them to one of our DVD showings.

Practitioners on this List:
Some are extremely knowledgeable about a WAPF lifestyle, use it in their treatment plans and personally follow our guidelines. Others may have limited knowledge about a WAPF-type diet, or simply be supportive of any dietary choice. Please click on each practitioner to learn more about that individual.

Inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation by the Eugene Chapter, or the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Although we include practitioners who we have heard good things about, we have no way to individually evaluate every practitioner.  We always encourage you to take personal responsibility for your health and evaluate practitioners and treatments for yourself before agreeing to treatments.  Please Contact Us with your thoughts and feedback on these and any other practitioners.


This list is not complete, please help us by recommending a practitioner!

General Practitioners (MD):


Naturopathic Physicians (ND):


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTP):


GAPS Certified Practitioners: (See GAPS page for more info)


Certified Nutritional Counselors (CNC):


Chiropractors (DC):


Dentists (DDS):

Dr. Weston Price was a dentist.  Dental care is extremely important to overall health, and the teeth give us a window into what is happening inside the body.  Your Chapter Leader has been very disappointed that there no biological dentists in Eugene.  Please see the Dentists & Dental Care page for more resources and discussion on this topic.


Veterinarians (DVM):




Craniosacral Therapists:




Homeopathic Practitioners:


Massage Therapists:


Pediatric Occupational Therapists:






Non-Local WAPF-Supportive Practitioners: (these practitioners have been presenters at Wise Traditions Conferences, and may do phone or email consultations):

There are many other practitioners who have spoken at Wise Traditions Conferences.  Please search the Wise Traditions Journal for contact info.


Articles on the Weston A. Price Foundation website:


Recommend a Practitioner:

Please help us fill in more information!  If you would like to recommend a practitioner please send us their contact information plus a description of why you are recommending them. Let us know if they are:

  • WAPF knowledgeable
  • Recommend WAPF-type diet
  • Understand the role of good fats
  • Not WAPF knowledgeable but are good and effective practitioners


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If you are a health practitioner and would like to be listed here, please send us your name, contact information (address, phone, email, website), and as much additional information you would like to share about yourself. You may include photos and a personal message to local Eugene Chapter members!

Please see our Practitioner Questionnaire for sample questions (do not feel the need to answer every question).

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