Liz Dickey, ND, LMSW

Liz Dickey, ND, LMSW, CCH, DHANP
2158 Olive St.
Eugene, OR 97405

Phone: 541-465-1155


Please tell us about your practice. What methods do you use?

I help people to achieve high-level, day-to-day wellness.

We will come to clear understanding of why you don’t feel well and what is needed to become healthy again. This approach reverses the need for medications, invasive procedures, and most supplements, because health is being restored and symptoms are resolving. The benefits are that you can enjoy a life of quality and longevity.

I use a wide array of holistic methods, including nutritional counseling, therapeutic detoxification, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

Do you support the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) dietary principles?

Yes. I will help you tailor these general principles to meet your unique, specific nutritional needs.

Are the WAPF principles central to your practice or one of many dietary options?

They are central to my practice. I individualize the practical application of the principles, so that each person knows how to meet their own, unique nutritional needs and understands how to use nutrition to restore their health and achieve wellness.

Why do you think your practice would be of interest to local WAPF members?

I speak the language of WAPF members and understand the primary importance of traditional diets in restoring health and preventing chronic disease.

What makes you different from other practitioners?

I think the answer to this is my knowledge and experience of how to get beyond just ‘feeling better’ to actual health restoration. I have developed expertise in addressing the root causes of disease, which is the only way that genuine wellness can be achieved.

My practice is unique in this area, in that I am a licensed naturopathic doctor, licensed social worker, and board-certified in homeopathic medicine. These enable me to address total body-mind health in a complete way.

How knowledgeable do you consider yourself about WAPF principles?

Very! I’ve worked hard to understand them and to know how to tailor them to individual needs.

Do you make an attempt to personally eat using the WAPF principles or feed your family this way?

Absolutely! I definitely ‘walk my talk,’ which means I understand the challenges and rewards of eating for health and longevity.

Do you provide your clients with education about WAPF principles?

Yes. One of my goals is to help every patient understand what, why, and how to eat for maximum health and vitality.

Please tell us anything more you would like to share about your practice:

In my practice, your interest in WAPF principles is understood and supported. After 17 years of practice, I know that the right diet, individualized to the person’s age, sex, and other factors, is central to health. I also have learned that it is usually not enough to resolve health issues. To reverse chronic health problems almost always requires deep, therapeutic-level detoxification and addressing the underlying energetic causes of disease (all disease begins on the energetic level). I have extensive experience in determining the specific nutritional needs of a person, in combination with therapeutic detoxification and therapies that heal on the energetic level.


Rejuvenate your health with a wellness-oriented naturopathic physician who uses Weston Price principles. Experience a welcoming, caring, and hopeful place to restore health. Receive expert guidance on how to regain your health and attain your maximum potential for vitality and longevity.

I offer wellness solutions for all types of health conditions, as well as state-of-the-art lab testing, nutritional evaluations, and wellness programs.

Begin rejuvenating today. Please contact me to arrange a complimentary get-acquainted visit or new patient consultation.


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