Sourdough Bread

Bread Guidelines:

The best breads are those made with whole grains, which have been properly prepared using long, slow sourdough process.  Nourishing Traditions recommends freshly ground whole organic grains, fermented 4-12 hours.  Flours which have been bleached, enriched or bromulated should be avoided.

We recommend making your own bread whenever possible, and have taught sourdough bread-making in several of our past classes.  If you do purchase bread from commercial bakeries, please use this chart to help make informed decisions.

I (Lisa) contacted the bakeries listed below and asked them the following questions.  I had some very nice conversations with bakers who were happy to talk about their craft.

Questions I asked:

  • What is the length of time from when you mix alll of the ingredients together to when the bread goes into the oven?
  • Approximately how much of the flour is whole grain and how much is refined?
  • Do you use organic ingredients?
  • Is the refined flour bleached?
  • Is the refined flour enriched?
  • Is the refined flour bromulated or contain dough conditioners with bromine?

Please note that this info comes from an informal phone call, and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. Percentages are only approximate.

Download the chart – Local Sourdough Bakeries