Sally Fallon Morell speaking in Portland in January!

Foods by Nature Expo
Portland, Oregon
January 13 and 14, 2018
Only $10 in advance


Sally Fallon Morell will be joining other leading expert speakers at the Foods by Nature Expo

Foods by Nature Expo is a consumer show featuring many exhibitors inspired by the traditions of Weston A. Price. Cost is only $10 advance, $12 at the door and children 10 and under are free. Where could you possibly pay such an affordable price and hear Sally and these other speakers? Please share with your friends on facebook/foodsbynatureexpo.

Find ticketing and more details about the event at

Carpool to Portland:

If you’d like to carpool to Portland for this event, contact us!


Kiran Krishnan

Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist whose focus is the human microbiome and wellness. With his particular expertise in the newest frontier in microbiology, gut commensal spore bacteria, Kiran is a frequent lecturer, largely to national and international medical audiences, but also


Sally Fallon Morell

Sally Fallon received a Bachelors Degree in English with honors from Stanford University, and a Masters Degree in English with high honors from UCLA. Mrs. Fallon is founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation ( and editor of the Foundation’s


Nora Gedgaudas

Nora Gedgaudas is a widely recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the “Paleo diet”. She is the author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life. She


Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf author and contributor to many books including…The Paleo Solution, 30 Day Paleo Transformation Guide, Paleo on a Budget Guide, Paleo Dining Out Guide and his newest Wired To Eat Robb has created a scientifically sound yet very easy-to-understand


Dr. Dean Bonlie

  Dr. Dean Bonlie, DDS has been involved in full-time research and development in bio-magnetism for twenty-five years.  His scientific theory on the action of magnetism on living tissue has been validated by numerous studies, making him a widely accepted


Christina Hildebrand

Christina Hildebrand is Founder and President of A Voice for Choice, Inc. and is passionate about ensuring people know what they are putting into their bodies – be it food, air, water or medications.  She advocates promoting people’s rights to



Saturday, January 13th, 2018

  • 10:00am  Expo Opens
  • 10:30-11:30 Kiran Krishnan
  • 1:00-2:00pm Nora Gedgaudas
  • 3:00-4:00pm Sally Fallon Morell
  • 4:45-5:15pm  Michelle Perro, MD
  • 6:00pm  Expo Closes – reopens at 10am tomorrow

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

  • 10:00am Expo Opens
  • 10:30-11:30 Dr. Dean Bonlie, DDS
  • 12:30-1:30pm  Sally Fallon Morell
  • 2:00-3:00pm  Christina Hildebrand
  • 3:30-4:30pm  Tyler Boggs
  • 5:00pm Expo Closes – Thank you for coming, see you next year!

September 21-22: Wise Traditions Conference in Portland!

For the first time ever the Wise Traditions Conference is coming to Oregon!

September 21-22, 2013
Portland, Oregon
Regional Wise Traditions Conference

Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
8235 Northeast Airport Way
Portland, OR  97220

Register Now!

We will be offering:
  • A Showcase for Delicious Traditional Food
  • A Unique Opportunity for Health Professionals and Laymen interested in Diet and Health
  • WAPF Networking, Friendship and Fun
Seminars include:
  • Nourishing Traditional Diets
  • The Vital Fat-Soluble Vitamins
  • Myths and Truths About Vegetarian Diets
  • A Healthy Pregnancy
  • Taking the Fear Out of Fermentation
  • Passing the Bone: The Lore and Life of Bone Broth
  • Death by Food Pyramid
  • How to Maintain Optimum Joint Health as We Age
  • Empowering Fertility With a Nutrient-Dense Diet
  • The China Study
  • The Explosion of Autoimmunity
  • Raw Milk Babies
Featured Speakers will include:
  • Sally Fallon Morell, MA
  • Chris Masterjohn, PhD
  • Dale Jacobson DC
  • Kaayla Daniel, PhD
  • Denise Minger
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Nora Gedgaudas
  • Lisa Bianco-Davis
Location and Accommodation
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
8235 Northeast Airport Way
Portland, OR  97220
Conference Food
As always, the conference will feature two delicious lunches of traditional foods. Interested in donating/bartering food items?  Phone our office at (304) 724-3006 or email
Exhibit and Sponsor Information
For information about becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at the conference, please contact Paul Frank at PTF & Associates at (304) 724-3006 or via email to Space is extremely limited. Early registration is strongly encouraged.

Please tell others about this conference!
Download the flier (right click and “save as”)

Sponsoring Partner
Green Pasture
For further information visit
or call (304) 724-3006.
I am pleased to announce that I (Lisa) have been asked to give a presentation on fermentation at the conference.  You local members in Eugene can hear me talk anytime, but don’t miss this opportunity to hear the other great speakers in person!  I don’t know how long it will be before the conference returns to Oregon.  If you’ve never heard Sally Fallon Morell’s Nourishing Traditional Diets presentation, you owe it to yourself to attend!  And the food is always awesome, that alone is worth the admission!
We hope many Eugene members will attend.  Please use our WAPFEugene list on Yahoo groups to coordinate sharing rides or rooms with other local members.

Register Now!

March 17: Tim Wightman Seminar

This is not a Eugene Chapter event, but we post the information here as a service to our local members.  For additional information, please contact Charlotte Smith.

Recommended by the Eugene Chapter Leader:
“I have heard Tim Wightman speak several times at Wise Traditions Conferences, and I went to one of these trainings last November. I can say that it is a wonderful opportunity to go listen to such an experienced dairy person. I highly recommend it to farmers, and I recommend it to consumers so that you know what to look for in your milk producer.  Tim Wightman covers the practical aspects of what it takes to make healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense milk.  Healthy cows don’t happen by accident, and just because milk is “raw” doesn’t mean that it is full of all the nutrients that could be available to us.  Please urge your farmer to attend!”

In order to support our local raw milk producers attending this event, the Eugene Chapter is offering scholarships. Please contact us (email Lisa at: if you are interested in attending but cannot afford the (very reasonable) cost.

Tim Wightman Seminar
Sunday, March 17th, 2013, 10 AM – 3 PM
$35/person & $10/12-17 yrs.
Checks payable to ORMPA

The training will include all of the following:

  • Introduction of ORMPA’s common standards, phase 1, and detailed explanation of how to meet those standards to be assured you are properly producing safe/healthy raw milk.
  • Understanding what the milk quality tests are that are recommended by ORMPA including
    1. how to properly handle a milk sample for the test
    2. Understand what a standard plate count & coliform count is and how to read it
  • Tim will give a detailed demonstration on a cow about how to properly prep a cow and udder for milking, then post milking care
  • Learn how to prepare the equipment for milking
  • See how to properly clean and sanitize the milking equipment post-milking including the proper solutions for cleaning/sanitizing
  • Hear how to deal with a chronically messy cow
  • Gain more knowledge on animal behavior so we understand and can predict their actions and be better prepared
  • Learn how to best handle milking during our rainy, muddy winters/springs in Oregon
  • Tim will instruct on how to best transition the cow back onto pasture in early spring
  • And of course, answer the myriad questions that arise
  • This training is appropriate for all cow/goat producers currently milking or thinking about getting into raw milk production either to sell or just to supply your own family

These trainings have been popular and well attended and the feedback afterwards on advancements made is wonderful to hear!!

Please send payment by March 9th so we have an idea of attendance – we have space for about 40 max. Hope to see you March 17th!

Charlotte Smith

Oregon Raw Milk Producers Association (ORMPA)

7798 Champoeg Rd NE
St. Paul, OR 97137

For more information see:

Fourfold Path to Healing Conference: Long Beach, CA – Feb 8-10th

If you know anyone in California, or need an excuse to go down there, I highly recommend The Fourfold Path to Healing Conference.  Seven years ago, my friend Katie, and my (then) 5-month-old son and I went to this conference when it was in Vancouver BC.  We had a great time and I am sure you will too.

Conference and Accommodations on the Queen Mary (
126 Queens Highway, Long Beach , California 90802

February 8th – 10th

Cost: $310/$360
Student/Seniors: $190/$240

To Register, call 304-724-3006
or Register Online

Includes wonderful WAPF food!

This comes to us from The Weston A. Price Foundation:

Below is a note from Sally Fallon Morell about the upcoming Fourfold Healing Conference sponsored by New Trends Publishing.  If you know anyone who would like to attend but cannot for financial reasons, please suggest they call our registrar to arrange for assistance: Paul Frank (304) 724-3006.  We would love to have as many as possible hear these great speakers.

Personally, I have attended and enjoyed this conference greatly.  I could hear all three speakers over and over. I usually take Jaimen’s class and find it very healing and energizing- it is like a retreat.  If you don’t know about him, here is one of his videos that will give you a taste of his work:

Kathy Kramer

While centered on the book The Fourfold Path to Healing, the speakers at this conference are constantly promoting WAPF membership and it always turns out to be a beneficial conference for the Foundation.

The Friday evening reception and two days of lectures will be held on the beautiful Queen Mary. Because the number who attend is typically below 300, this is a great opportunity to meet and talk with Tom Cowan, Jaimen McMillan and myself. Many of you have heard me and Tom speak, but if you have not attended Jaimen’s classes you are in for a fascinating, helpful and entertaining experience learning about healing through movement. And, of course, the reception buffet and two meals we serve will be completely WAPF-approved!

Many thanks!


FRESH the movie in Albany – March 11th

Community Screening of FRESH the Movie

Join Ten Rivers Food Web for a showing of Fresh at the Albany Public Library.

March 11, 2012
2:00 – 4:00 PM

Event Location:
Albany Public Library
2450 14th Avenue SE
Albany, OR 97322

Joel Salatin in Medford, March 15th and 16th

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter member. Joel Salatin has presented at several Wise Traditions Conferences. He is a vibrant, and inspiring speaker.

Click on flyer for larger image

Food & Farm Faire
4:30 – 6:30 PM

Folks, This Ain’t Normal!
with Joel Salatin
7:00 – 9:00 PM

Medford Armory
701 South Pacific Highway
Medford, Oregon

Tickets and additional information:

Joel Salatin Returns to the Rogue Valley March 15th and 16th

Project Rogue Valley is pleased to welcome Joel Salatin, one of America’s most influential farmers, to the Rogue Valley.

Joel raises cattle using ecologically beneficial sustainable agriculture on his family-owned, local-market farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. On his Polyface Farm, the animals live according to their “-ness,” their health and happiness are key, and the earth is used for symbiosis. His unconventional approach to producing pasture-based meat brings high quality “beyond organic” results.

Joel travels in the winter giving lectures and demonstrations throughout the country. A self-described “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist farmer,” he sees himself in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy and healing the culture. He is the author of a number of books including Everything I Want to Do is Illegal, Sheer Ectasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer, Salad Bar Beef, and his latest, Folks, This Ain’t Normal. A selection of these books will be available at the Friday evening event.

Join us at any or all of the events listed below! Come learn about Joel’s fresh and innovative approach to farming, involving an integrated system on a holistic farm that maximizes results.

Come learn about the future of food!

July 22nd–26th: "Farmageddon" showing in Portland

The movie Farmageddon premiered last month in major cities.  This month it will be showing in Portland!

July 22nd – 26th
Portland OR
Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97212

Americans’ right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. Farmageddon tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why.

Filmmaker Kristin Canty’s quest to find healthy food for her four children turned into an educational journey to discover why access to these foods was being threatened. What she found were policies that favor agribusiness and factory farms over small family-operated farms selling fresh foods to their communities. Instead of focusing on the source of food safety problems — most often the industrial food chain — policymakers and regulators implement and enforce solutions that target and often drive out of business small farms that have proven themselves more than capable of producing safe, healthy food, but buckle under the crushing weight of government regulations and excessive enforcement actions.

Farmageddon highlights the urgency of food freedom, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals’ rights to access food of their choice and farmers’ rights to produce these foods safely and free from unreasonably burdensome regulations. The film serves to put policymakers and regulators on notice that there is a growing movement of people aware that their freedom to choose the foods they want is in danger, a movement that is taking action with its dollars and its voting power to protect and preserve the dwindling number of family farms that are struggling to survive.

Farmageddon Movie website:
Farmageddon on Facebook:
Hollywood Theater:

Articles and reviews:

March 26th: "Rally for the Right to Know" – Salem, OR

This is provided to us by a local Eugene Chapter member who will be attending this anti-GMO rally in Salem next weekend:

Saturday, March 26 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
900 Court St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

We want Truth in Labeling so we will know what is in the foods we are buying. This rally will coincide with the national Rally being held in Washington, DC. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

These are our demands:

  1. We have the right to know and want GMOs labeled.
  2. We want factory farmed animal products labeled
  3. We want independent, long-term studies done on the safety of GMOs.
  4. We want organics preserved.

-Make intelligent signs with facts about Monsanto and their impact.
-Make hoodies or jackets with Millions against Monsanto on it.
-Read up and be prepared with some talking points about the issues.
-Remain peaceful and non-violent at all times.
-Prepare fliers to distribute that inform people about Monsanto, links to further reading, suggestions of books and articles, etc.
-Genetically modified foods are not safe, for the environment, or for people.
-Genetically modified foods should be forced to be labeled as such.
-We are tired of Monsanto’s monopoly on the food industry and it’s hold over the FDA and the White House.
-We want people to become informed about Monsanto and the food industry in general.

See the Organic Consumers Association website for more info:

Our Food, Our World, Our Future Conference – Vancouver, WA

Here’s a regional event from the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Our Food, Our World, Our Future Conference

Our Food, Our World, Our Future
Vancouver, WA
March 18-20, 2011

The Nutritional Therapy Association is pleased to announce the 4th Annual Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Conference.

The conference will be open to Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, students of NTA and others with an interest in nutrition and alternative healthcare.

This year’s theme Our Food, Our World, Our Future, will be addressed by presentations from nationally acclaimed speakers and local experts in the field of nutrition and sustainable agriculture.  The conference will take place in Vancouver, WA March 18th, 19th & 20th, 2011.

Presentations by: Joel Salatin, Gary Nabhan, PhD, Andreas Marx, ND, OMD, Lac, Gray Graham, BA, NTP, Caroline Barringer, NTP, CHFS, FES and a screening of the new film Whats Organic About Organic?

Visit for more information.