FRESH the movie in Albany – March 11th

Community Screening of FRESH the Movie

Join Ten Rivers Food Web for a showing of Fresh at the Albany Public Library.

March 11, 2012
2:00 – 4:00 PM

Event Location:
Albany Public Library
2450 14th Avenue SE
Albany, OR 97322

FRESH Needs Your Help to Go Mainstream!

Have you seen the movie FRESH?

We showed it at our July 2009 Popcorn Review.  The movie was recently free to view online in for a short time on the FRESH the movie website.  We discussed it on our WAPFEugene list on Yahoo! Groups.  It is a great movie that helps expose the problems with the industrial food system, and unlike some other movies, this one offers  solutions and motivation to do something.

Dear Lisa,

FRESH is not available on Netflix or in traditional retailers yet. But with your help, we can guarantee that this feisty, little documentary will be seen by thousands (or even millions!) more people.

Support the good food movement by adding FRESH to your Netflix queue. If you do not have an account, simply sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Can you envision a world where local, sustainable food is the norm on every plate, not the exception? For the last 3 years, we’ve been spreading the word on real food through our passionate grassroots supporters. Now, it’s time to take that message to an even wider audience.

FRESH will debut on Amazon on March 13 and on Netflix on March 27. To get the best coverage and placement with other retailers (like Barnes & Noble and iTunes), we need to demonstrate that people are interested in good food. Help us reach the top of the charts by pre-ordering the DVD on Amazon (you can cancel the order later) and adding the film to your Netflix queue. This will make a tremendous difference in our press coverage and ability to reach a larger public. Be sure to rate and review the movie on Netflix and Amazon too.

To better food on every plate,

Ana and Crystal
The FRESH Team

P.S. Want to support good food and our work at FRESH? Consider adding to our tip jar.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words…and Jail Time?

This comes to us from the folks who created “FRESH the movie – New thinking on what we’re eating”, which we showed in July 2009.  Please check them out and sign their petition.

Dear Lisa,

Have you heard Big Agriculture’s latest move? They want to keep you in the dark. Remember those undercover photos and videos of animal abuse and environmental damage at factory farms? Under a proposed Iowa law, broadcasting (and even possessing) these images would be a crime.

Last month, Florida’s state legislature passed a bill that attacks farm photographers and limits their activities. Now, it’s Iowa’s turn. Iowa Bill H.F. 589 has already been passed by the Iowa House, and is now up for debate in the Senate. Let’s stop this trend before it can spread to other states.

Protect your rights to free speech and information. Voice your opposition to Sen. Rielly, floor manager for H.F. 589 – click to sign our petition now.

Guess who’s sponsoring this? That’s right, Monsanto has been lobbying heavily for this bill behind the scenes. They’re trying to draw an iron curtain around their operations and scare away potential whistle-blowers with legal threats.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Tell the Iowa Senate that they cannot hide unsavory farming practices from vigilant eyes.

We’re here to keep watch on our food, our communities and our environment.

Knowledge is power,

Ana & Crystal
The FRESH Team