Fourfold Path to Healing Conference: Long Beach, CA – Feb 8-10th

If you know anyone in California, or need an excuse to go down there, I highly recommend The Fourfold Path to Healing Conference.  Seven years ago, my friend Katie, and my (then) 5-month-old son and I went to this conference when it was in Vancouver BC.  We had a great time and I am sure you will too.

Conference and Accommodations on the Queen Mary (
126 Queens Highway, Long Beach , California 90802

February 8th – 10th

Cost: $310/$360
Student/Seniors: $190/$240

To Register, call 304-724-3006
or Register Online

Includes wonderful WAPF food!

This comes to us from The Weston A. Price Foundation:

Below is a note from Sally Fallon Morell about the upcoming Fourfold Healing Conference sponsored by New Trends Publishing.  If you know anyone who would like to attend but cannot for financial reasons, please suggest they call our registrar to arrange for assistance: Paul Frank (304) 724-3006.  We would love to have as many as possible hear these great speakers.

Personally, I have attended and enjoyed this conference greatly.  I could hear all three speakers over and over. I usually take Jaimen’s class and find it very healing and energizing- it is like a retreat.  If you don’t know about him, here is one of his videos that will give you a taste of his work:

Kathy Kramer

While centered on the book The Fourfold Path to Healing, the speakers at this conference are constantly promoting WAPF membership and it always turns out to be a beneficial conference for the Foundation.

The Friday evening reception and two days of lectures will be held on the beautiful Queen Mary. Because the number who attend is typically below 300, this is a great opportunity to meet and talk with Tom Cowan, Jaimen McMillan and myself. Many of you have heard me and Tom speak, but if you have not attended Jaimen’s classes you are in for a fascinating, helpful and entertaining experience learning about healing through movement. And, of course, the reception buffet and two meals we serve will be completely WAPF-approved!

Many thanks!