Local Naturopath Article on Fats

I was pleased to see that local naturopathic physician, Dr. Miriam Mazure-Mitchell ND, posted an article in her newsletter quoting the Weston A. Price Foundation!

Good Fats to Feel Better Vs. Fats Causing Depression and Heart Disease.  Why Even Skinny People Need to Know Their Fats!

If you know of any other local practitioners who have their fats right, let me know!  Please see our list of local practitioners for more info.

How a High-Fat Diet Helps Starve Cancer

This comes to us from our former Eugene Chapter Co-Leader, Victoria Schnieder, who many of you will remember from her work with Lisa getting the Eugene Chapter up and running, teaching classes and opening her home for potlucks.

Just so excited I had to share with all of you this interview. I posted it to my FB page, so it will be there to get back to if you choose. I seriously love great science and this is one terrific example. Please share as I do believe this will profoundly change cancer research and treatment and perhaps dis-ease across the board.

How a High-Fat Diet Helps Starve Cancer

Victoria Schneider
WAPF CoChapter Leader
San Miguel de Allende, Mex
Mex hm: 154-9740
skype: veeschneider

Cell Towers in Eugene

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter member:

Hi Lisa,

On Oct. 13, we will be speaking to the Eugene City Council Open Forum on the subject of cell towers. Line-up to speak is 6:30pm, time limit 3 minutes, to me it’s easier to write out what am going to say. Lane County requires that cell towers be sited at least 1200 ft. from schools and homes. Unbelievably, there is no limit to how close the towers (even the large ones) can be sited in the City. The tower proposed for my residential neighborhood is 8 stories at Crossfire Church on 4060 W. Amazon. There are families living less that 100 ft. away, next to a day-care, near a school and senior facility. This is such an important time for all us who are concerned about the cell towers proposed for our residential areas to speak out and tell our concerns to the City. There are multiple large towers in the planning for Eugene residential areas.

On Oct. 27 at 5:30pm the Eugene City Council will be having a Work Session on the passing of a more protective cell tower ordinance. We are asking that at the very least the City adopt the 1200 ft variance that Lane County has for distance between cell towers and homes and schools. Some communities are even calling for a moratorium on the building of any more cell towers in residential area giving the local government more time to study the issue. The LLC Buy-Out Companies that are paying $$$ for these tower contracts are of particular concern.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about this. I am very grateful that our Councilwoman, Betty Taylor has called for the Work Session. Please tell everyone to call or email your Councilperson and tell them that you are very concerned about the cell towers being proposed for Eugene residential areas and that you want a protective City Ordinance on Cell Towers. The federal Telecommunication Act of 1996-tried to take away our local rights about cell towers but Lane County has a more protective cell tower ordinance as do other communities and we want the same.

There are so many dvds available on the negative health effects of cell towers on human, birds, bees, etc. Eugene’s Dr. Paul Dart and a panel of local physicians spent 18 months reviewing the medical information on the cell towers. His presentation to EWEB is available on youtube under Dr. Paul Dart-Smart Meter (Cell Tower) Hazard. Dr. Dart also addressed the Oregon Legislature last year-that is also on youtube.

Thank you.


Nutrient Dense Meats available from Eugene Local Foods

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter volunteer:

I’ve been emailing the farmers that sell meats at Eugene Local Foods (the online farmer’s market here in Lane County).

They are starting to offer nutrient dense meat parts and I request your help by purchasing them and feeding them to you family.
Here are the new offering and some of my favorites:
  • Duck Feet  ($6.25/5 lb)  makes amazing bone broth, cook 48 hours on simmer then strain after beating all the parts a bit with a spoon.
  • Chicken Feet  same as duck feet
  • Duck Gizzards   they are looking into selling them
  • I’m asking about Chicken Gizzards
  • Duck Hearts    I’ve just gotten the first order (3.90 LB)

They sell all these livers:

  • Beef, Duck, Chicken, Lamb
  • I purchased Pork Kidneys   they were delicious ($.63/pair)
  • Lamb Hearts   OMG, I’m in love
I always freeze these items for a minimum of 12 days before eating. I’ve learned to NEVER over cook any of the organ meats. 
Please consider checking out this resource. I find most of these items to be reasonably priced. They also sell bones, and the prices for bones have been going up. Meaty Lamb Bones were $.95/lb, now they are $1.95/lb :((
Deck Family Farm sells a ground mixture of organ meats for $6 a pound (in the pet section). It’s very good, I just find it a bit expensive.
Thanks,  Rouanna
For more info go to: Eugene Local Foods

Sept 15th: GMO Education Tour – Jeffrey Smith in Eugene!

Here is some news you may be interested in!  Jeffery Smith is making a tour around Oregon!

Eugene Event With Jeffrey Smith

Monday, September 15, 2014, 6:00 – 9:00pm in Eugene, Oregon

First Christian Church, 1166 Oak Street, Eugene, OR

More Info:

Jeffery Smith is the author of Genetic Roulette and Seeds of Deception, and has spoken several times at Wise Traditions Conferences.




Jeffrey Smith Oregon GMO Education Tour
Portland, Eugene, Bend, Medford, and Ashland with GMO Free Oregon
It’s In Your Food!
What you can do to get GMOs labeled in Oregon!
Invite a friend who does not know about GMOs!

Portland Event With Jeffrey Smith

When: Sunday, September 14, 2014, 5:00 – 8:00pm in Portland, Oregon

First Unitarian Church, 1034 SW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR

More Info:

Eugene Event With Jeffrey Smith

Monday, September 15, 2014, 6:00 – 9:00pm in Eugene, Oregon

First Christian Church, 1166 Oak Street, Eugene, OR

More Info:


Bend Event With Jeffrey Smith

When: Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 7:00 – 9:00pm in Bend, Oregon

First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE 9th, Bend, OR

More Info:


Ashland Event With Jeffrey Smith – MUST RSVP – LIMITED SEATING

When: Wednesday, September 17, 7:00 – 9:30pm Activist Strategy Session and nonGMO Appetizer and Dessert Potluck

Bellview Grange, 1050 Tolman Creek, Ashland, Oregon 97520

More Info:


These events are an educational benefit for the Oregon Right to Know – Yes on 92 Campaign.

FREE! All Welcome! Suggested donation $5 – $25 to raise funds for Yes on 92 – GMO Labeling. Help us match our goal of raising $2500 to be matched by SoDelicious to raise a total of $5,000! No one turned away for lack of funds.

To volunteer or get involved in these events contact: Ariane


Sponsor the events: www.responsibletechnology.org/yes92

More info on the GMO Labeling Initiative:

Safe eating begins with INFORMED eating!
-The small but mighty IRT team!

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Below are some links to more newsletter articles we’ve published about GMOs.

Cell Towers in our Residential Areas-Eugene City

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter member:

The Eugene City Council will be addressing the subject of cell towers in our residential areas-at a work session when they return from summer vacation in September.  City ordinances on cell towers in Eugene have not been up-dated since 1996. Areas are trying to pass more protective ordinances as cell tower placement has become more aggressive. LLC Buy-Out Companies are willing to pay $$$ for these tower contracts.

Lane County requires that there be a 1200 ft. distance between cell towers and our homes. It has been suggested that this distance should also be used in the city.  We need as few of these towers as possible, with the lowest of emitting EMF microwave radiation, located in the safest of places.

Please consider emailing your local council member and also attending the Eugene City Council work session in September and expressing your opinion about cell towers in our neighborhoods and near our schools.

PS The first DVD that I saw about cell towers was at a Weston Price event.

Eugene First City to Band Neonicotinoids on Public Lands

Eugene, Oregon is the first U.S. city to ban these persistent pesticides on public land.

Eugene takes a formal stand against harmful neonicotinoids

On February 26, Eugene’s City Council unanimously passed a Council Resolution, “Enhancing Current Integrated Pest Management in Parks” and banning the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on all City of Eugene-owned property. Neonicotinoids are systemic chemicals absorbed by plants and transferred through the vascular system, making the plant itself toxic to insects. This is effective for pest control, however, poses risks particularly to the pollinators that visit these plants and rely on their nectar for survival.

While the European Union recently placed a two-year restriction on its use, according to bee advocates around the nation, Eugene is the first U.S. city to ban these persistent pesticides on public land. Use of these chemicals has been linked to the demise of honey bee colonies, and officials around the country have grappled with complex solutions. Parks and Open Space Director Craig Carnagey is pleased that our community is leading the way on this issue. “We hope the ripple effect of this decision will have a broad impact across the nation.”

Read more >> http://www.eugene-or.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1201


Creswell Bakery – worth the trek!

This comes to us from a former local Eugene Chapter Member who has moved away, and recently returned to Eugene.

I just wanted to “plug” a local business that is struggling a bit:

Creswell Bakery is a little off the beaten path, but so worth the trek!

Owner/chef Heidi Tunnell has become known in the area for her local roots and use of organic and/or local indgredients. The bakery uses locally grown flours from Camas Country Mills for its incredible breads and nearly all pastries (and made with butter). For the savory side, there are take-away soups and meals made with mostly organic produce, and local whenever possible. ALL items containing chicken or beef use meat from animals raised on Heidi’s family’s farm (Furrer Farms) down the road. The chickens are pastured and the cows are grass-fed. And they use the whole animal (chicken stock made with feet and heads, etc.)

Creswell Bakery is located at 182 South 2nd Street in Creswell. Hours are Tuesday thru Friday 7am to 6pm; Saturday 8 to 2. Breakfast items are served from 7 to 11 daily, and all day Saturday. Lunch is served from 11 to 2 daily.

I know Heidi personally, and have worked for her. She makes some of the most delicious food I have ever had! I figured if there’s any demographic that needs to know about the bakery, it’s WAPF. They’ve only been open since June, so they still need all the support they can get to keep growing. If there’s any way you can spread the word, that would be amazing.

Thanks for your time, Lisa! I hope you and your family are well!

– Gina

Interviews at the Appropriate Omnivore

Before the Portland Regional Conference I was asked to be interviewed for a podcast on a blog called the Appropriate Omnivore

Here’s a link to my interview: http://appropriateomnivore.com/aoep069/ 


The host, Aaron Zober, is doing a series of interviews of Weston A. Price people leading up to the Wise Traditions Conference in Atlanta.  Check them out!

Find all Wise Traditions interviews here: http://appropriateomnivore.com/category/wise-traditions-2013/

I have never been interviewed before (and still not sure I was fond of the experience), but I was honored to be included in such great company!

Portland Regional Conference – In Review

The Portland Regional Wise Traditions conference was September 21-22.  At least 11 local Eugene Chapter members attended.  I (Lisa) gave a presentation on Fermentation on Saturday.  There were probably over 200 people in the audience (many more than I’d ever spoken in front of before).  I was very nervous before it began, but once I started talking I was fine.  I was sorry that we ran out of time and I wasn’t able to show all of my photos.  I will be adding some of them to our krautpounder.com website.

We sold Kraut Pounders and books at our booth to benefit the Eugene Chapter, and former Eugene Chapter Leader, Victoria, sold Sauerkraut Kits (sauerkrautkit.com) to benefit the first Mexican WAPF chapter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Below are some photos:

Click on a photo to see larger image.