Pasture-Raised Meats & Poultry

We encourage the use of grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, lamb, poultry, wild game, as well as fish and shellfish. And more importantly we encourage the use of the whole animal, not just the lean meat. Traditional people consumed the organs, skin, bones and fat. Our chapter teaches recipes such as “Chicken Liver Divine”, “Easy Soup Stock”, and “Holiday Sausage” to help members take advantage of the wonderful nourishing powers of these foods. Using the whole animal is not only more cost effective and respectful to the animal, but modern science shows us that the organs, skin, bones and fat contain many important nutrients that are not readily available elsewhere.

Principles of Healthy Diets:

All traditional cultures consume some sort of animal food, such as fish and shellfish; land and water fowl; land and sea mammals; eggs; milk and milk products; reptiles; and insects. The whole animal is consumed­–muscle meat, organs, bones and fat, with the organ meats and fats preferred. Read more >> Principles of Healthy Diets

About Animal Foods (from Healthy 4 Life):

All cultures, from all over the world, eat animal foods, usually on a daily basis. Animal products include:

RED MEAT like beef, lamb, pork, buffalo and game
ORGAN MEATS like liver, bone marrow and kidney
POULTRY like chicken, turkey, duck and goose, including the skin
FISH like salmon, trout, halibut, tilapia and sole
SHELLFISH like crab, lobster, shrimp, oysters and mussels
EGGS fixed scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, in omelets, and added to other foods
WHOLE MILK and dairy products like cheese and yogurt

Animal foods supply important nutrients that we cannot get from other foods. These nutrients include:

COMPLETE PROTEIN for building the body
VITAMIN B12 for healthy blood and brain
VITAMIN A for healthy eyes, skin and brain
VITAMIN D for protection against depression and disease
VITAMIN K2 for healthy blood, bones and brain
CHOLESTEROL for building the brain and intestinal tract in growing children
SPECIAL TYPES OF FATS for normal growth, learning and memory, and protection against disease

Animal foods are also better sources of many nutrients than plant foods. These nutrients include:

CALCIUM for healthy bones
COPPER for healthy blood
MAGNESIUM for healthy cells
IRON for healthy blood and good energy
ZINC for healthy brains and protection against infection
VITAMIN B6 for freedom from disease

These are important nutrients for building a healthy body and keeping it strong!

Read More >> Download the Healthy 4 Life booklet

Local Sources of Pasture-Raised Meats:

Here in Eugene we can find a wide variety of locally and humanely-raised animal foods.

We recommend everyone pick up a copy of the Locally Grown Directory, produced here in Eugene by the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition.   You can also view our Farm List page for local resources (these pages are still a work in progress).   To buy beef and lamb meat, organs and bones in local stores see: Local Butchers & Markets


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