This comes to us from The Weston A. Price Foundation.  I know Canada is a ways away from here, but if you would like to make a trip, or have any friends or relatives who live farther north, please pass this on to them!  And if you can help out with the gofundme efforts, please do!

Action Alert

Please help Canadians be able to drink raw milk

Canadian Government is gearing up to criminalize raw milk consumption!

Show up to court on May 29-30 at 9:00am. This hearing is the most crucial one in the 23 years of the raw milk battle in Ontario. It goes to the core of food rights.


1.      Show up in court on May 29-30, 2017 9:00am  to send a clear message that Canadians care about food rights. (If you are unable to make it due to geography or logistics, please share this message far and wide) The courthouse is located at 50 Eagle Street Newmarket Ontario

2.      Donate to help cover ongoing court costs


In October 2015, Glencolton Farm was raided for the third time. During this raid, several farm owners stood in defense of their right to farm and have access to their foods.

Subsequent to that raid, two legal actions were carried out: several of the farm owners were charged with obstructing a police officer. And York Region and Ontario both issued motions for a permanent injunction against processing and distribution of raw milk. If the courts grant the motions, all forms of raw milk processing, distribution, advocacy, or support will be criminalized. Farmers and others involved in production and distribution would face criminal charges. For the first time, criminal charges would extend to parents and other advocates even if they are not involved in raw milk production. This hearing is the most crucial one in the 23 years of the raw milk battle in Ontario

We must show our solidarity and support for Glencolton Farms and all the Canadian raw milk producers and those who depend on the products from these farms.