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Please tell us about your practice. What methods do you use? etc.

Do you support the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) dietary principles?

Are the WAPF principles central to your practice or one of many dietary options?

Why do you think your practice would be of interest to local WAPF members? 

What makes you different from other practitioners?

How knowledgeable do you consider yourself about WAPF principles? 

Do you regularly read the Wise Traditions Journal or articles on

Have you studied with any Wise Traditions Conference presenters? 

Have you attended any of our Popcorn Review DVD showings or the annual Wise Traditions Conferences?

Do you make an attempt to personally eat using the WAPF principles or feed your family this way?

Do you have WAPF printed materials in your office?  Would you like to have WAPF materials available for your clients?

Do you provide your clients with education about WAPF principles? 

Do you refer clients to the local Eugene Chapter,WAPF for more information?

Please tell us anything more you would like to share about your practice:


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