Mary Ruddick

Mary Ruddick, BA, CNC
Enable Your Healing, LLC
960 West 5th Ave, second floor
Eugene, Oregon

Phone: 1-541-632-4388

As the Director of Nutrition for Alive Holistic Clinic and as the owner of Enable Your Healing, LLC., my work is immersed in the principles taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I combine nutritional coaching with lifestyle modifications indicative of our great grandparents generation.  I steep my practice in the ancient model of healing now lost in most practices.  I bring a different perspective than most practitioners, that of the patient.

I spent several years on social security disability and over a decade bouncing from one doctor to another before I discovered the life-giving abilities of real food.  Four of those years I was mostly bed-bound and house-bound, so I spent a lot of time reading.  I read everything from medical journals, to books written by doctors, to stories on healing.  There was so little written on the disease that I had that I started researching other illnesses.  I collected stories from people that had healed “incurable” illnesses and then I implemented their healing modality into my routine.  It was at this time that I discovered the writings of Weston A. Price, and they were worldview shattering!

After a great deal of learning, I started conducting studies on my body, and I started getting better.  At my worst I was on 17 medications, a breathing machine, I was too weak to hold a book open without a device, and I was living in my parents house on Social Security Disability. I decided then, that if I had to wear purple and dance the jig to get better (or more accurately, eat raw liver), that I would.  My health experiments began soon thereafter.   I tried 16 different diets, hundreds of supplements (some of which were life altering, others of which were benign), I tried nutritional IV therapy, acupuncture, cranial osteopathy, nightly meditation, light therapy, gratitude journalism, earthing, EFT, affirmations, green smoothies, juice cleanses, rebounding, detoxes, you name it, I tried it.

From all these experiments I learned much more than anyone can learn from any school.  I learned what worked and what didn’t and why.  And I learned that any healing modality that isn’t steeped in our traditional diets is lacking.  I learned what combinations of healing modalities were required to bring not only myself into remission, but those of my clients as well.   The Weston A. Price literature is the foundation of my practice.  Whether an illness requires the ketogenic diet, the GAPS diet, the FODMAPS diet (or a combination of all three), ferments, organ meat, and animal fats are heavily integrated.

I received a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University, and a post-grad certification in nutritional counseling from Trinity School of Natural Health in Indiana.  While living in Ohio, I was very active in the the Dayton chapter meetings as well as being heavily involved in the GAPS support groups.  I am looking forward to becoming active in the Eugene chapter!

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