Carrie Janes, NTP

Eugene Complete Wellness
240 E.12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541-0520-6714

Message to Eugene Chapter members:

“As a Nutritional Therapy Practitoner (NTP), my educational training included the studies of Drs. Weston Price and Francis Pottenger, along with Sally Fallon, Nora Gedgaudas and many other like minded individuals.  After learning the WAPF lifestyle, I drastically changed my own diet, as well as my families, initially by eliminating all of those so called healthy foods and replacing them with traditional type foods and meals.  I have used many of these techniques for myself and have included this education with my clients.
I believe that by taking a foundational approach to our health, starting with the diet, we can achieve a healthy, balanced life. As Hippocrates once said, it is all about treating our food as medicine and our medicine as food.”

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