Dr. Kevin Krautsack

Contact Info:

Practitioner Name: Dr. Kevin Krautsack, Chiropractor, Exercise Physiologist
Business Name:  Emerald City Family Chiropractic
Address: 45 Division Ave, Suite H.
Phone: 541-226-3829
Email: info@emeraldcityfamilychiropractic.com
Webpage: Emeraldcityfamilychiropractic.com

Please feel free to answer a few of these questions or write a personal message to local Eugene Chapter members:

I was exposed to the Weston A Price foundation many years ago by A chiropractor I give credit for saving my life.  When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with bone cancer. On my mothers birthday my family was told I had 3-6 months to live and needed to go through chemotherapy.  Thankfully, the chemotherapy killed the cancer but left me horribly sick with a dead immune system. I broke out with many opportunistic infections which led me back to the doctor – each time only to get another medication. At 15 years old i was on 12 medications and horribly frustrated.  It was not until i met a chiropractor who adjusted me and taught me the true principles of health and healing that i was able to regain my vitality.  He got me running after being on crutches for 8 months and helped me with my immune system and digestive issues (through adjustments, real nutrition, probiotics, and fermented foods).  Today i feel like it is my duty to pay it forward and teach people real health and how to get well from the inside out with real food and real healthcare.

Please tell us about your practice. What methods do you use? etc.

We specialize in spinal correction, restoring posture and taking pressure off the nerves naturally through specific adjustments, rehabilitative exercise, and neuromuscular re-education.  We also offer nutritional counseling, fitness programs, and detoxification programs to help people perform at their best.

Do you support the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) dietary principles? 

Absolutely! We teach many principles based on real food and the Weston A Price principles.

Are the WAPF principles central to your practice or one of many dietary options?

We have 3 basic programs to help our patients incorporate a healthy lifestyle all of them are based on Weston A Price principles of real wholefoods first.  All encompass recipes and strategies to make healthy eating simple and fun.

Why do you think your practice would be of interest to local WAPF members? 

We offer natural health solutions focused on getting to the cause of health problems which encompasses a healthy mind, Brain, Spine and nervous system,  healthy nutrition, functional fitness, and detoxification programs.  Our programs our practical, science based, and effective.

What makes you different from other practitioners?

Our practice stands out because we take pride in working with advanced cases and people who have lost hope.  Rather than chasing pain we focus on getting to the cause of the problem. We keep our programs simple and practical and help people get back to the basics to build health from the inside out.

How knowledgeable do you consider yourself about WAPF principles? 

Very knowledgable.  I have studied WAPF principles since i was sick myself as a child.

Do you regularly read the Wise Traditions Journal or articles on westonaprice.org?


Have you studied with any Wise Traditions Conference presenters? 

Not directly, I follow christ masterjohn and many others online.

Have you attended any of our Popcorn Review DVD showings or the annual Wise Traditions Conferences?

Not yet…

Do you make an attempt to personally eat using the WAPF principles or feed your family this way?

Yes, We love grass fed beef, raw dairy, kefir, and many other amazing foods.

Do you have WAPF printed materials in your office?  Would you like to have WAPF materials available for your clients?

yes and yes. We hosted a pot luck here!  We also host recipe nights and potlucks often for our patients!

Do you provide your clients with education about WAPF principles? 

Yes in our nutrition and wellness talks.

Do you refer clients to the local Eugene Chapter,WAPF for more information?

Yes for local food sources and articles.

Please tell us anything more you would like to share about your practice:

We specialize in spinal correction and take a holistic approach to getting our patients healthy.  Our practice stands out because we take pride in working with advanced cases and people who have lost hope.  Rather than chasing pain we focus on getting to the cause of the problem.  Through this we are able to get people well when they thought surgery or a life of medication was their only option.

In the past year alone we have had several people who have prevented and even canceled surgeries by improving function and getting to the cause of the problem.

https://youtu.be/2WbFxXEVxT0  – Frozen shoulder (Told he needed surgery)

https://youtu.be/SKVYaOtZQbo –  In a walker for 3 years (Told she needed surgery) , walks again after chiropractic

https://youtu.be/LwdwfBKGE8g – Vertigo and breathing (Told she needed surgery)

https://youtu.be/TRSTXpb_7iI  – Better posture, breathing, and eye sight

https://youtu.be/uFD_kH3LhD8  – Lower blood pressure after 20 years