Cherie Anello

Cherie Anello, NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified GAPS Practitioner
Business Name: It’s Your Health
4304 E. Cherry Hills Drive
Chandler, AZ 85243

Cherie is no longer local.

Phone: 541-870-06461-541-870-0646

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner my training is steeped in the principles of eating taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation. My approach is three-fold as I assess clients nutritional needs, teach clients these principles particularly focusing on their own health goals, and I coach them in implementation in their everyday food choices and the preparation of these foods. While various diet approaches may have a purpose temporarily, for long-term wellness we must not stray from the traditional eating habits that have made people healthy in cultures around the world throughout history.

I am also a Certified Gut and Psychology/Physiology Practitioner having attended Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBrides first training for this designation. This was a perfect complement to my existing practice, as the GAPS diet is so similar to WAPF practices. Healing the gut has always been central to my approach in working with my clients.

I combine nutritional coaching with three forms of assessment which help me key into the primary issue or issues a person needs to support their individual wellbeing. Symptom burdens, Lingual-Neuro testing, and Kinesiology. By combining these specific methods we let your body tell us what is nutritionally needed and more importantly where to start. I call this clinically designed nutrition for you. Since we are all biochemically as unique as our finger prints, when we support the main nutritional needs your body is able to repair itself.

I not only teach WAPF principles to my clients, but enjoy these wonderful healthy foods myself. Sometimes I think of my kitchen as an experiment station as there is always a new ferment, grain, or dairy recipe I am perfecting. It is such fun to use traditional food preparation to tingle the taste buds and know it truly nourishes the body as well.

As an active participant in the local chapter,  Cherie has also presented food preparation Classes to the public along with several other members.  And offered a monthly GAPS Support Group to the community for those learning and implementing the GAPS diet.


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