Rick Schwartz, D.C.

Schwartz Chiropractic Clinic
1245 Charnelton St, Ste 1
Eugene OR  97401
Phone: 541-484-6055
Email: rick@drrickschwartz.com
Web: www.drrickschwartz.com

Message to Eugene Chapter members:

“My chiropractic practice is based on Applied Kinesiology concepts, which considers health from a holistic perspective embodied in the “triad of health” – 1) structural/ neurological   2) nutritional / biochemical and  3) emotional / psyche.  When I was first exposed to this form of chiropractic I was fascinated. It respected innate body wisdom and used muscle biofeedback indicators to direct the path toward individualized health!   It was a life changing event for me. Over thirty years later I am still amazed by how well the body can communicate its needs if we just listen to its language.

Another life changing event was my discovery of the Weston A Price Foundation. I had been eating mostly vegetarian for about 25 years and the gradual effects of depletion were becoming so obvious that I couldn’t ignore them any longer. I finally needed to get beyond the emotional blockage and listen to the messages my body so clearly gave me, but I didn’t have a good direction or information at that time. Perhaps it was synchronicity that I connected with the WAPF that summer of 2000 and began eating a diet that sang to my northern European ancestry. It took me about 6 months to restore my stamina, endurance and general vitality. We’re very fortunate in Eugene to have such wonderful access to Farmer’s Markets, CSA’s and the general consciousness that makes local real food so available. A few years later I married Gail who shares my appreciation for WAPF principles – and makes extraordinary cooking look easy. We live rurally and grow as much of our food as we can.

I’ve been a WAPF member since 2000 and find that the Wise Traditions journal is one of the few publications that I savor reading from cover to cover. Given the nature of my practice, this information is a natural fit for those who need nutritional or dietary support. Whether someone wants to go “whole hog” or just wants to make small gradual changes for greater health, I love to share what I’ve learned. I also have brochures and other information available in my office.  If more specific troubleshooting is required, I can corroborate data from lab tests and muscle biofeedback testing, finding a path to restore optimal metabolism and health. I’ve studied a wide range of different dietary approaches, but I find WAPF principles universally adaptable and grounded in common sense. I’m so grateful that our Eugene Chapter is available as a resource for this valuable information.”

Graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1990.

Chiropractic Techniques
Applied Kinesiology
Sacro Occipital Technique
Neuro Emotional Technique

Dr. Schwartz is very knowledgeable and supportive of the Weston Price principles.  He frequently has Wise Traditions Journals in his waiting area for clients to read.


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