Cell Towers in our Residential Areas-Eugene City

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter member:

The Eugene City Council will be addressing the subject of cell towers in our residential areas-at a work session when they return from summer vacation in September.  City ordinances on cell towers in Eugene have not been up-dated since 1996. Areas are trying to pass more protective ordinances as cell tower placement has become more aggressive. LLC Buy-Out Companies are willing to pay $$$ for these tower contracts.

Lane County requires that there be a 1200 ft. distance between cell towers and our homes. It has been suggested that this distance should also be used in the city.  We need as few of these towers as possible, with the lowest of emitting EMF microwave radiation, located in the safest of places.

Please consider emailing your local council member and also attending the Eugene City Council work session in September and expressing your opinion about cell towers in our neighborhoods and near our schools.

PS The first DVD that I saw about cell towers was at a Weston Price event.

Local Cell Phone Towers

This comes to us from one of our local Eugene Chapter members.  While it does not pertain to food, I am including it because it does effect our health.  The Eugene Chapter has rented the CrossFire Church on several occasions to hold cooking classes.  Please contact the Church and let them know if you would still be interested in attending a cooking class right underneath a cell phone tower!

Hi Lisa,

Cross Fire Ministeries at 4060 W. Amazon is trying to put up an 8-story cell tower on the property! It’s right in the middle of our neighborhood- next to a day-care center, a school, a senior facility and across from Amazon Trail. The Register Guard ran an article about it last August 2013.

Even though 3rd party, unregulated, LLC companies will pay much for these contracts once they are signed (according to internet information), we are trying to make Rev. Taylor (the pastor) understand that the value for this property will decrease if he sells it. This property has changed hands many times. There is also a large tower proposed for Rest Haven Memorial Park. The neighbors have hired an attorney to see what their rights are. There are towers proposed for various areas of Eugene. Becky Taylor #541-682-5437 is the person to check with at the Eugene planning board.

The local Eugene group FamiliesForSafeMeters.net did a great job getting an Opt-In on the smart meters. There is a multi-award winning documentary called Take Back Your Power. Other dvds are are Public Disclosure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution, and Resonance Beings of Frequency.

Thank you for getting awareness out about the GMO’s. I have a feeling that things are really going to change for the better very soon.


The Eugene Chapter has shown a DVD on the topic of EMFs (Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community) and there have been several speakers at The Wise Traditions Conference on this important topic.