Cell Towers in our Residential Areas-Eugene City

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter member:

The Eugene City Council will be addressing the subject of cell towers in our residential areas-at a work session when they return from summer vacation in September.  City ordinances on cell towers in Eugene have not been up-dated since 1996. Areas are trying to pass more protective ordinances as cell tower placement has become more aggressive. LLC Buy-Out Companies are willing to pay $$$ for these tower contracts.

Lane County requires that there be a 1200 ft. distance between cell towers and our homes. It has been suggested that this distance should also be used in the city.  We need as few of these towers as possible, with the lowest of emitting EMF microwave radiation, located in the safest of places.

Please consider emailing your local council member and also attending the Eugene City Council work session in September and expressing your opinion about cell towers in our neighborhoods and near our schools.

PS The first DVD that I saw about cell towers was at a Weston Price event.

March 14th: Support Eugene Urban Goats

Note: This was sent to us by one of our local Eugene Chapter members, Julia Serra.

Please support Eugene Urban Goats:

We are a group of folks who want to legally have goats on average-sized city
lots in Eugene — just like we could if we lived in Seattle or Portland. We
request that the city of Eugene change, or freeze enforcement of, the ordinance
that requires 20,000 square feet of space to own a goat.

We need you to support us at the Eugene City Council meeting on March 14th.


This is a link to the City of Eugene’s “Food Security Resource Plan”: http://tinyurl.com/4pf9ksv

Mary Wood – Professor of Law at U of O (land rights use) and advocate for micro farming in the city has wrote what is called “The White Papers” it begins on page 29.  I encourage anyone interested in Micro Farming in the city to read it.  The City is already perking up their ears in anticipation of possibly allowing this to become the standard….. but a few yrs from now. We are trying to rally support, petitions, etc. to get them to declare a moratorium/freeze enforcement on the current policy/ban until they fully develop and implement their Food Security Plan, which will make it all legal in practice and on paper in a FEW YEARS when the budget allows for cost of changing the existing laws.  Instead of having to wait a until then we are seeking a moratorium on the existing law much like they recently did with hens in the city.

This is an awesome opportunity for those of us in the city who want to produce our own raw milk, pastured food, etc. Whether you personally want to micro farm or not if you live in the greater Eugene area and think it would be great for those of us who want to be allowed to we would love to have your support at the planning meetings, at City Council meetings, or by writing your District Rep.  A letter writing campaign would be awesome! Let them know you think it is a great idea and would have no problems with your neighbors being allowed to have mini goats, basically letters encouraging them to vote in our favor.  Letters from people who do not personally want goats but don’t care will be especially helpful!

Here is a link so you can contact the Rep. of your district/ward:

If you can’t attend meetings but want to help Eugene Urban Goats we can email you a petition to print and you can collect signatures for us from your neighbors, friends, family.

Email Eugene Urban Goats : eugeneurbangoats@gmail.com

Also check us out on Facebook. “Like” us and share the page with your Facebook friends to help spread the word and gain support for self sufficiency in the city:

Eugene Urban Goats

Thank you for your time!
Julia Serra, on behalf of Eugene Urban Goats