Class 1 was a great sucess!

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Here are some photos from Class 1: Favorite Ferments

Read what some of our attendees had to say after the class:

“Great! Inspiring.”

“I really liked it.”

“I enjoyed this event.  It was nice to listen to other peoples ideas and suggestions.”

“Very well presented.  Very knolegeable presenters.”

“Good!  Could have been longer.”

“Very informative.  Well done with many teachers.  Moved right along.  Very organized.”

“Great.  I liked all the different people making different things.  Great summary of W. Price’s research, diet, goostuff.  Very informative, short and valuable.”

“Excellent – exceeded my expectiations.  Absolutely awesome.”

“Loved it!  Nice pacing.  Loved all the samples.  Nice printed materials.  It was great to taste a sample of each food being prepaired.”

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