Oregon Raw Milk Producers Association

This is  letter I received from a raw milk farmer in St. Paul, Oregon:

Hello Oregon WAPF Chapter Leaders –

I have founded the Oregon Raw Milk Producers Association, we are applying for non-profit status, and our main goal is to educate raw milk producers in the state of Oregon so we can insure safe raw milk for consumers.  Before this group there was no education or resources whatsoever.  We are offering quarterly educational seminars.

The reason I’m writing is this next seminar we are offering would be great for chapter leaders and all consumers of raw milk.  The presenter, Tim Wightman, wrote the Raw Milk Handbook that you may have seen before – both Weston A. Price and Farm To Consumer sell it and you can also download his “Chore Time” videos here.  He owned a raw milk dairy for 14 yrs. and is president of the Farm to Consumer Foundation.  You can read more about him and the topics for the day on the attached flyer.  The topics he covers – soil health, how to identify failing soil and what to do, herd health, proper milking practices and milk handling – and more – are all crucial to raw milk businesses as well as it’s great info for you chapter leaders to know in your quest and promotion of raw milk dairies.  Education of consumers will also help raise the bar for raw milk producer’s standards, as consumers will start to demand safer practices as they learn.

There is an attached flyer to give you more info.  Feel free to forward the flyer to lists you may have of interested parties.  Also, I do not know all the producers out there – if you know a producer, milk or goat, please encourage them to contact me to get on our mailing list for future educational opportunities.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Charlotte Smith

Champoeg Creamery
7798 Champoeg Rd NE
St. Paul, OR 97137

follow us on twitter: @champoegcreamry
Milking Video

I was very excited to read about the Oregon Raw Milk  Producers Association, and would like to encourage everyone on this list who eats to become members of both this group and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Information about the upcoming seminar is in the post: Raw Milk seminar in Junction City.

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