Membership discount – support the spread of nutrient-dense foods

Dear Friend of WAPF:

We are a member-supported organization educating people about the foods eaten by the healthy groups Dr. Price visited AND helping people make these foods part of their diet today.

Until the end of March (this week), we are offering $10 off our new membership fee.  Besides supporting our mission, you will get our 100+ page quarterly journal, one copy of each of our brochures including our annual shopping guide.  With these, you will learn even more about the healthy nutrient-dense foods and wise traditions of the past plus how to incorporate them into your life now.

Reduced Fee Membership

Reduced membership for new members is $30 until March 31 (reduced from $40).

Learn more about membership:

Join now for $30 a year:

If you prefer to join by phone, please call Monday – Wednesday next week and we can help you.  (202) 363-4394.  Our phones are not open today or tomorrow. Or email us with questions:


Sally Fallon Morell

(202) 363-4394

We hope you will support the Weston A. Price Foundation in its efforts to restore nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism.

Please say that the Eugene Chapter, WAPF referred you.  So that our chapter can win a copy of the Wise Traditions Conference DVDs!

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