Only 4 more days to get discounted membership!

New members receive a discounted rate of $30 for an annual membership (regularly $40) through the end of March!

New Memberships = $30 Join Now!

And here is a special offer for existing members:

Dear Members:

Right now, if you purchase 2 new gift memberships, you pay only $30 each. When you give two gifts, you receive another renewal year for yourself complimentary. So for an extra $20 beyond what you would ordinarily pay for your own renewal, 2 more people receive a year membership!

During our March membership drive is an ideal time to give gift memberships. For March, new U.S. memberships are $10 off – so $30 each.  If you give two gifts (total cost is $60 this week), plus you get a free membership (valued at $40 year). Let’s do the math! Instead of paying the normal rate of $120 for three one-year memberships, you pay only $60!

To give a gift membership:

  1. – fill out the information here for the people receiving your gift! Send us an email letting us know their names so we can renew you for another year complimentary!
  2. Or call us and give us the information over the phone! (202) 363-4394
  3. Do this by March 31 when the promotion expires!

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing this important information.

Kathy Kramer

Executive Director

Let me know your name and be sure to tell the WAPF office you heard about the special from the Eugene Chapter!  If we get enough new memberships the Chapter can win a free copy of the conference recordings for our DVD showing!

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