November 24th DVD: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Come join us after a day of “Black Friday” shopping, or celebrate “Buy Nothing Day” by enjoying a free presentation. If you are lucky we may even have popcorn!

Intro to GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)

by Kim Schuette

Recorded at the 2016 Wise Traditions Conference.

Friday, November 24th, 2017

DVD begins at 6:30 PM
Please come around 6:15
77 Minutes long.  Please plan to stay until 8:30 or 9:00 PM, as we will have time for questions after the DVD.


Natural Grocers
201 Coburg Road
Eugene, OR 97401


Kim Schuette talks about GAP Syndrome or GAPS, which stands for Gut and Psychology/Gut and Physiology Syndrome. In addition to the well published psychological and neurological disorders, there will be a wealth of information on autoimmune problems, allergies, asthma, eczema, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes type one, chronic cystitis, chronic skin problems and many other physical conditions. This seminar is a must for both those learning about GAPS for the first time and those who are already experienced. This seminar contains information used in the recent GAPS Practitioner Certification Courses.

For more information about GAPS please see:

Kim Schuette, CN, Cert. GAPS Practitioner

Kim Schuette, CN, Cert. GAPS Practitioner
has been in private practice in the field of nutrition since 1999 teaching the importance of real food for optimal health. In 2002 she established Biodynamic Wellness where she and her staff specialize in nutritional and biotherapeutic drainage therapies to support gut/bowel and digestive disorders, detoxification, mindful preconception, hormonal imbalances, ADD/ADHD challenges, and children’s health concerns. Additionally, Kim serves on the Board of Directors for the WAPF and co-serves as the WAPF San Diego chapter leader, where she resides with her husband and youngest son.

Cost: Free

Donations of any amounts to the Eugene Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation are appreciated.
$5-10 suggested for those who can afford it, and $1-4 for low-income.
(Please also help carry supplies to the car after the movie or volunteer to help the Eugene Chapter in other ways).

Want to see the DVD, but can’t attend?

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