July 28: DVD Showing – The PHO (Partially Hydrogenated Oils) Public Health Disaster– the Complete Story

The PHO (Partially Hydrogenated Oils) Public Health Disaster– the Complete Story

by Dr. Gerald McNeill, 75 min.

July 28, 2017

DVD begins at 6:30 PM


Market of Choice
67 West 29th Ave
Eugene, OR 97405
(Upstairs in the Community Room)


Free.  Donations encouraged.


About 50 years ago, a glut of soybean in the U.S. lead to the introduction of a new chemical process: “partially hydrogenated oils” (PHO). The process converts liquid oils into semi-solid shortenings that have the same texture as butter and other animal fats. The process is extremely versatile and many new textures were created, displacing butter and leading to a golden age in the baking and snack food industries.

Eventually, nutrition science discovered that the main fat in PHO, trans fat, was ten times worse than saturated fat. On June 18th 2015 the FDA announced that PHO were no longer GRAS (generally recognized as safe). This presentation will discuss the events leading to the adoption of PHO, to a major decline in public health and finally a recovery with the elimination of trans fat from the food supply.

Dr. Gerald McNeill is currently vice president of research and development of IOI Loders Croklaan, with responsibility for the development of trans-fat free, palm oil-based solutions for North America. Joining IOI Loders Croklaan from Unilever Research UK, he led a team to develop enzyme-based processes for the modification of fats and oils, and initiated a discovery program for the development of nutritional lipids. Prior to Unilever, Dr. McNeill carried out various aspects of fats and oils research at public research institutions including the National Dairy Research Centre in Ireland, USDA ARS in Philadelphia, Hanover University in Germany and Nagoya University in Japan. Dr. McNeill took his doctoral degree in biochemistry at Galway University, Ireland.

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