Popcorn Review DVDs

The Eugene Chapter, WAPF has a monthly DVD showing called the “Popcorn Review”.  These showings are traditionally the third or fourth Friday of each month.  Please sign up for our Newsletter to be notified about upcoming presentations.

DVD begins at 6:30 PM
Please come early – about 6:15 is good
(as early as 6 PM if you are volunteering to help setup.  Please let Lisa know if you are planning to help!)
DVDs are usually 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Plan to stay until at least 9 PM if possible.
We encourage discussion after the movie.

Market of Choice
67 West 29th
Eugene, OR
Upstairs in the Community Room

Please RSVP if you think you will be attending. If your plans change, always feel free to just show up. Email Lisa at: info@eugenewestonaprice.com, or use the comments or Contact Us.

Donations of any amounts to the Eugene Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation are appreciated.
$5-10 suggested for those who can afford it, and $1-4 for low-income.
(Please also help carry supplies to the car after the movie or volunteer to help the Eugene Chapter).

We have had such interesting conversations before and after DVDs that we now offer time for discussion.

Dinner and a Movie:
You are welcome to eat in the room.  You may buy food downstairs in Market of Choice to eat in the room or (shh, don’t tell them I told you this) bring something from home.

Links and Additional Notes:

Borrowing DVDs:

  • At our suggestion, The Eugene Public Library now carries:
    • The Oiling of : how the vegetable oil industry demonized nutritious animal fats and destroyed the American food supply
    • Nourishing Traditional Diets: the key to vibrant health
  • Purchase your own DVDs from Fleetwood Onsite Conference Recording
  • We do not have the volunteer engergy to loan out DVDs at this time. If you would like to volunteer to organize and opperate a Eugene Chapter Lending Library, let us know!

Topics for Practitioners & Laypeople:
Some presentations are entry level, others contain advanced information and may be geared towards practitioners. We try to give you some idea what to expect in the description of the DVD.  You are always welcome to attend technical ones and soak up what information you can. Don’t worry there won’t be any tests at the end!

Continuing Education Units for Practitioners:
Nutritional Therapy Practitioners can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by attending the Eugene Chapter’s DVD showings.

Members of the Eugene Chapter began showing DVDs in their home in 2006 and dubbed them “The Popcorn Review”.  These moved to the Market of Choice when the Willamette Street location opened with their Community Room.

Upcoming and past DVDs: