June 1: GAPS Support Group

Are you on a strict diet and need support?  Do you or any of your family members regularly experience common digestive complaints, such as heartburn (reflux), indigestion, bloating, cramping, constipation, or diarrhea? Do any of you suffer from eczema, asthma, dyslexia, or depression? Have your children received labels such as autism, ADD or ADHD? Do you wonder if there is a common link between any of these these things?  If so, come to the GAPS diet meeting!  Feel free to bring your questions!  RSVPs are not required.

GAPS Support Group

Alive Holistic Clinic:
1902 Jefferson Street,
Eugene, OR.
The first Thursday of every month at 7:15 pm

Lead by: Mary Ruddick & Ann Tepperman

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) program is a healing regime based on change of diet to allow the body to detoxify and heal. It was originally designed for healing autistic children, but since that initial research, it has also been found to heal numerous other health problems, including ADD, MS, autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, dyslexia, IC, mood disorders, nervous system disorders, epilepsy, etc.

Read more: eugenewestonaprice.org/gaps

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