Raw Milk and Chicken Processing – Oregon House Bill 2222

A Bill recently introduced into the Oregon House aims to create an exemption from license requirements for people who slaughters less than 1,000 poultry per year, and allows for licensing facilities for processing and distribution of unpasteurized cow milk.

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From the Editor:
It is currently legal in Oregon to sell raw milk under certain situations. The restrictions on the farmer include not being able to advertise, deliver the milk, or have more than 3 cows.

I don’t think this bill goes nearly far enough to lift restrictions on raw milk.  I think that a farmer should not be required to have a license to sell to me.  I should be able to buy directly from a farmer on or off the farm site.  My farmer should be able to advertise, and have as many cows as they can comfortably handle.  I do not feel that licensing is required unless the farmer is selling through stores or distributors, and that is what I am going to tell my representative.

Please contact your representatives and the House committee members to tell them what you think.

House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources 2011 Members (503-986-1763):

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