November 10: GAPS Support Group


Monday, November 3, 2014 Correction: November 10, 2014
6:30 PM


At the home-office of Cherie Anello

Contact info:

Cherie Anello, NTP, CGP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certified Gaps Practitioner
“All Disease Begins in The Gut”

Just a review of our group. This is open to anyone in the community to attend. Please feel free to invite friends and family that might be interested in gaining better health, especially those with a gluten sensitivity and ongoing challenges. This really does work for a variety of problems!
This year I am asking that anyone that attends more than once as a visitor be willing to bring a gaps qualifying sample for us once during the year of meetings. We all have different food preferences and ideas, so lets glean from each other. You may demo it for us, or if that seems intimidating you can tell us what you did as we munch. 
Also, a a reminder that there will be a donation jar and a $5.00 or more donation helps support the cost of copies and supplies used to demo. This is greatly appreciated!
Please avoid wearing fragrance of any kind so that those with chemical sensitivities will be able to join us. Thank you!

RSVP: Please confirm your attendance and call for directions/address.

If someone you know may be suffering from a GAPS condition, invite them to the event. For more information about GAPS please see the links.

Link to more information: April 10th: DVD GAPS

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