VOTE NOW: GMOs are ugly!

This comes to us from Occupy Monsanto.  Help raise GMO awareness by voting for the Fishy Sugar Beet car in the ugliest car contest (I think it is kinda beautiful, and would much rather ride in it than some of the others, but voted for it as ugliest):

We all know that GMOs are ugly… But just how ugly are they?

We were just informed by our friends at the Are We Eating Fishy Food? campaign that Fishy Sugar Beet was nominated for CarTalk’s “Ugliest Car” contest.

Let’s hijack the vote and tell the world just how ugly GMOs really are! If we win, we’ll interject a discussion about GMO, GMO labeling, and GMO ethanol into a nationally syndicated radio show about cars.

Voting will only take 15 seconds of your time, so scroll down & vote for #8:

Have a great weekend,


The other cars are pretty awesome, but don’t vote for them!

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