What’s With Wheat? Free until June 30

The producer is allowing free viewing of this video until June 30. Excellent info, some of which I’d heard before, and as usual some new and some giving deeper understanding. Worth the hour. Sally and Natasha are included, and many more. Mareev

FREE – Cure Tooth Decay Video Presentation

Back in August at our “Popcorn Review” monthly DVD showing we showed the DVD: Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.  This was a very popular DVD, and I have already had requests to re-show it (which we will at some point).  I just wanted to let you know that Ramiel has released a free online video introduction to his work.

This comes to us from Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay:

Dear Lisa,

I made a video recording of my live “Cure Tooth Decay” presentation. Please enjoy it and share the enjoyment by forwarding this e-mail to your friends.


A special note:

The e-mail subscriber form on the presentation page is for new subscribers. If you are receiving this e-mail from me (and not your friends), then you do not need to re-subscribe to the list. Yours in Dental Health, Ramiel Nagel Author of Cure Tooth Decay


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