Register Guard Letter

Local Eugene Chapter member, Leonard Ablieter, recently had another Letter to the Editor printed in the Register Guard.  Here he takes on the new School Lunch rules.  Way to go Leonard!

New lunch rules good for industry

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak, best known for his Monsanto connections, and first lady Michelle Obama, who made news breaking ground for an organic garden at the White House, have announced new rules governing our national school lunch program that are designed to promote health and reduce obesity.

The food industry apparently had struggled to protect its interests from the advocates of better health, which is puzzling because one might assume the dictates of health to be paramount. So what did we get? A doubling of fruits and vegetables. Good. But including tomato paste on pizza, and potatoes most likely fried in pesticide-drenched cottonseed oil, stretches the definition of vegetable.

Salt will be reduced, likely paving the way for a new chemical additive called Senomyx, a neurological agent fooling the mind to “taste” salt but unable to fulfill the body’s need for the real thing. That, in time, will result in food cravings causing subsequent overeating, as well as other salt deficiency disorders.

But never fear. Calorie reductions will be achieved by mandating low-fat milk which, when I was a kid, was fed to pigs. Its insufficient fat content impedes protein digestion with ensuing intestinal problems and related diseases, but the cream that’s skimmed off can be used to make highly profitable ice cream.

Thus, the new rules are definitely healthy for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. As for the 32 million kids — well, they’re part of the 99 percent who keep the system profitable.

Leonard Ablieter

Fall Creek

Leonard grew up in Germany in a town about the size of Creswell that had 4 butchers and no refrigeration!  Talk with him about traditional foods sometime if you get the chance.

Leonard also had a letter to the editor published in October 2010. We wrote about it in our newsletter here:

For more information about salt and semomyx on the Weston A. Price website see: