Nourished With Nature

Julia and Blake from Nourished With Nature joined us at our potluck in January.  They wanted to pass on this information to everyone:

Nourished With Nature

We offer:
  • Grass Fed and Finished Beef
  • Pastured Pork organically fed non-corn non-soy
  • Pastured Chickens organically fed non-corn non-soy
  • Pastured Eggs organically fed non-corn non-soy
Contact Us:
Farm Store Hours
Saturdays 10am-2pm (or by appointment)
34847 Bond Rd
Lebanon, OR 97355
We would be willing to make deliveries to the Eugene area monthly if a few families wanted to start a buying club with a minimum total order of $500.
We want to give you access to our farm products and realize its a little bit of a drive to get to our farm so we came up with this other option.
Yours Naturally,

Pastured Poultry in Southern Oregon

This comes to us from a local farmer:


Hi Lisa, Hensel Family Farms raised pastured poultry in Rogue River this season.  You can see more here

The poultry is processed in a ODA licensed facility at the farm. Happy to provide more information to your group as needed. If there was a group order we would be happy to deliver them to Eugene. Winter is coming and he will likely be sold out by the end of October.



If anyone would like to coordinate a group order, our WAPFEugene list would be a great place to do it.

Pastured Poultry

Note: This information was sent to us by local member, Julia Serra.

Last year the Eugene Chapter WAPF worked with a farmer in Creswell to raise soy free pastured poultry for some local members.  Each person committed to buying a certain amount of broilers.  We figured out each persons cost of feed and also paid the farmer a fee per bird for raising and butchering.  We are interested in doing this again.  I am inquiring with a couple of people who have acreage about setting up some tractors and using their land.  We would need to pay for their time, the feed, and cost of each bird again.  This will make it at least $9. extra per bird outside of feed costs.  I also would like to use a non hybridized breed or at least not Cornish X because they gain so rapidly, etc.  I would prefer to not raise birds that may be suffering.  I am looking into Freedom Rangers, a hybrid, but they don’t appear to suffer like the Cornish X and also the usual heritage meat birds.  This would be the most costly route as we would need to pay for the feed, the processing and raising.

The other option would be to raise some birds in our own backyards, everyone feeds them as they want to, and we rent equipment – scalder, plucker, cone set up, etc. and share the rental cost = processing party.  If there are people in the group who are willing and have knowledge to do the processing please speak up because there are many of us interested in raising the birds but are not ready to jump into the butchering yet nor do we even have experience to do so.  I would like to organize a group of people that can raise broilers for theirselves, maybe some have room to raise for others, people that are willing to do the processing, etc.  If you are at all interested in participating in this email me.  This would be the chepaest way to raise our own pastured poultry.  I realize many people have small backyards but if true pastured poultry or organic from the store is out of your budget then this is the next best option.  Raising them semi contained in your backyard on mostly feed vs. acreages of fresh forage is still better than factory farmed chicken.


Julia Serra