May 25: March Against Monstanto

This is not a Eugene Chapter or Weston Price event, but we post it here as a service to our members.  Healthy food begins with no GMO!

March Against Monsanto
Date: Saturday, May 25 2013
Time: 11:00 am PST (2pm EST Everywhere!)
 Location: Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza
Eugene, Oregon

The fight for our food!! Join us for a Rally and March and Party for a sustainable food system. Speakers, Music and more information to be announced as available. This event is being held in conjunction with the worldwide March Against Monsanto. Please spread the word!!

Contact info for Eugene: Lizzy

This is a Call to Action for a Non-Hierarchical Occupation of Monsanto Everywhere

Whether you like it or not, chances are Monsanto contaminated the food you ate today with chemicals and unlabeled GMOs. Monsanto controls much of the world’s food supply at the expense of food democracy worldwide. This site is dedicated to empowering citizens of the world to take action against Monsanto & it’s enablers like the FDA, USDA, EPA, GMA, BIO, and the processed food companies that use Monsanto’s products.

We urge you to help organize and attend the closest March Against Monsanto taking place everywhere on Saturday, May 25, 2013!

Non-GMO March in Washington DC – Jan 10

This is not a Eugene Chapter event.  We are posting it as a service to our members.  This comes to us from Food Democracy Now!:

RSVP: I will attend A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto on Thurs. Jan 10th @ 10:00 am

Dear Lisa

If you haven’t already heard, next Thursday January 10th, family farmers will enter a courtroom in Washington DC in the appeal of their landmark court case challenging Monsanto’s abusive patent infringement lawsuits against America’s family farmers.

Once again leaders in Washington DC have proven themselves out of touch with the will of the American people. Nowhere is this more true than in food and agricultural policy, where both parties have allowed agribusiness and biotech companies to write the rules and ram the approval of new GMO crops down our throats, threatening human health, the environment and the livelihoods of family farmers.

Over the holidays Food Democracy Now! sent several urgent alerts regarding GMO salmon and our lawsuit, OSGATA vs Monsanto, to protect family farmers from unwanted contamination of their crops by Monsanto’s genetically engineered pollen.

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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words…and Jail Time?

This comes to us from the folks who created “FRESH the movie – New thinking on what we’re eating”, which we showed in July 2009.  Please check them out and sign their petition.

Dear Lisa,

Have you heard Big Agriculture’s latest move? They want to keep you in the dark. Remember those undercover photos and videos of animal abuse and environmental damage at factory farms? Under a proposed Iowa law, broadcasting (and even possessing) these images would be a crime.

Last month, Florida’s state legislature passed a bill that attacks farm photographers and limits their activities. Now, it’s Iowa’s turn. Iowa Bill H.F. 589 has already been passed by the Iowa House, and is now up for debate in the Senate. Let’s stop this trend before it can spread to other states.

Protect your rights to free speech and information. Voice your opposition to Sen. Rielly, floor manager for H.F. 589 – click to sign our petition now.

Guess who’s sponsoring this? That’s right, Monsanto has been lobbying heavily for this bill behind the scenes. They’re trying to draw an iron curtain around their operations and scare away potential whistle-blowers with legal threats.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Tell the Iowa Senate that they cannot hide unsavory farming practices from vigilant eyes.

We’re here to keep watch on our food, our communities and our environment.

Knowledge is power,

Ana & Crystal
The FRESH Team