Dec 18: Potluck – Grains & Seeds Demo

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
6:00 to 8:00 PM


At the home of Jan
1389 Washington St, Eugene
yellow house, east side of Washington
(access 13th, 15th, 18th)

Topic & Demo: Preparation of Grains, Nuts, Seeds and Legumes

One of the key principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation principles is the proper preparation of grains, nuts, seeds and legumes.  Traditional people took great care with the preparation of grains and seeds.  The seeds of plants naturally contain “anti-nutrients”.  By neutralizing these before consuming them we can improve their digestion and absorption.

Gluten containing grains (such as wheat and rye), gluten-free grains (such as rice, and corn), as well as nuts, and seeds that are used in place of grains (such as quinoa, amaranth, and teff) all need careful preparation in order to maximize nutrition.

For more info:

Phone: Jan’s number is 541-343-4404

Bring a Dish:
Please bring a Nourishing Traditions style dish and join us for some great food and great conversation! Families and guests are welcome. Please bring enough food to feed the size of your party.

New to all of this?
For those of you who are new to The Weston A. Price Foundation principals or looking for food ideas, please see our Potlucks page.

The Foundations of Health – Class Series

Vibrant Health With Traditional Foods

The Eugene Chapter is very pleased to announce our upcoming class series!  You will learn  the Why, What, and How of a healthy diet.  Every class includes recipes, sources, demonstrations and samples to taste.

Class One:
An Introduction to the Foundations of Health
September 17, 2011
1:00-5:00 PM

Class Two:
Cultured Foods
October 1, 2011
1:00-5:00 PM

Class Three:
Healthy Fats
October 15, 2011
1:00-5:00 PM

Class Four:
Preparation of Grains, Nuts, Seeds and Legumes
October 29, 2011
1:00-5:00 PM

Classes are designed to build upon the information covered previously, but can be attended as a stand-alone if space permits.  More details will be posted in the August Newsletter.