Nutrient Dense Meats available from Eugene Local Foods

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter volunteer:

I’ve been emailing the farmers that sell meats at Eugene Local Foods (the online farmer’s market here in Lane County).

They are starting to offer nutrient dense meat parts and I request your help by purchasing them and feeding them to you family.
Here are the new offering and some of my favorites:
  • Duck Feet  ($6.25/5 lb)  makes amazing bone broth, cook 48 hours on simmer then strain after beating all the parts a bit with a spoon.
  • Chicken Feet  same as duck feet
  • Duck Gizzards   they are looking into selling them
  • I’m asking about Chicken Gizzards
  • Duck Hearts    I’ve just gotten the first order (3.90 LB)

They sell all these livers:

  • Beef, Duck, Chicken, Lamb
  • I purchased Pork Kidneys   they were delicious ($.63/pair)
  • Lamb Hearts   OMG, I’m in love
I always freeze these items for a minimum of 12 days before eating. I’ve learned to NEVER over cook any of the organ meats. 
Please consider checking out this resource. I find most of these items to be reasonably priced. They also sell bones, and the prices for bones have been going up. Meaty Lamb Bones were $.95/lb, now they are $1.95/lb :((
Deck Family Farm sells a ground mixture of organ meats for $6 a pound (in the pet section). It’s very good, I just find it a bit expensive.
Thanks,  Rouanna
For more info go to: Eugene Local Foods

Varitey Meats Class – In Review

The Eugene Chapter held a Variety Meats Class on May 18, 2013. This was our first time doing a class solely devoted to nutrient-dense organs and variety meats. We demonstrated and sampled recipes that included Thymus, Heart Gizzard, Kidney, Tongue and Liver.

The class was a great success! We ate wonderful food, and the feedback on our anonymous class survey form was 100% positive! Below are some quotes from our class attendees.

Please tell us what you thought of the class:




“Great. Lots of very good recipes

“It was a very organized and prepared class. It was a very interesting topic to learn for our health!”

“I thought it was wonderful. I did NOT expect to eat so well.”

“It was great! So inspiring. The food was very tasty.”

Favorite Samples?:

“It is very hard to choose one dish.”

“Thymus and soup”

“Everything, sweetbreads, heart & watermelon salad”

“Thymus, Heart Gizzard, Kidney, Tongue, Liver”

“There was nothing I wouldn’t eat again.”

“There are a lot of useful tips and information.”

“Potato, bacon & liver, kidney & onion in wine sauce, beef heart & watermelon salad, sweetbreads in coconut oil”

“I loved everything! Thank you for nourishing my body and organs!”

“All of them! It’s hard to decide.”

“Thymus, gizzards, tongue”

“I really like the mincemeat.”

“Excellent, liked the meeting space.”

“Appreciated the artful presentation of foods too! Liked this location!”

What can we do better in the future?

“Please keep up good work!”


“Name tags for teachers.”

“Can’t think of a thing – great job!”

“Nothing. It was a wonderful class!”

“Very inspiring & tasty. I really needed the “kick in the pants” to get going on organ meats!”

Sorry you missed it?
We’ll be teaching this class again, watch for details!