Pastured Eggs – GMO/Soy/Corn-Free Eggs Available!

This comes to us from a local member:

June 30, 2012

Hi All in about 10 days we will have an abundance of GMO/Soy/Corn free eggs for $4.25 a dozen. The chickens roam the property, no sprays or anything used on the field. Some of us got the family to switch and of course prices went up and now they are losing several of their existing customers. These egg yolks are much darker than the ones i have bought from farms that are certified OG, or that feed GMO free, etc…. this is private family who’s younger sons wanted to raise hens for a business. So you are keeping the young guys in business with your purchase. I will have several dozen available on Monday’s for the co-op – when people pick up their milk or produce, etc. i can add on some more for anyone on here. I live in the Royal Ave area of W Eugene.

Let me know if you are interested. I took a picture of some of their conventionally fed eggs if you would like to see the color of their yolks. It takes about 10 days for soy to detox so i won’t have any before then unless you want some during that time.


Contact Julia at: