March 2010: From the Editor

Fermentation Class

After two-year hiatus, our Eugene Chapter Co-Chapter Leaders (Lisa and Victoria), have two food preparation classes planned. The first is on making your own fermented foods!

With Victoria spending most of her time in Portland these days, it is a rare treat that they are able to team up once again to bring their culinary knowledge and experience to the folks of Eugene. You won’t want to miss this opportunity, as they don’t know when another one can be scheduled. See the March Fermented Foods Class below for more info.

They are planning one additional class on April 25th. Stay tuned for topic details.

Fat Rendering Party

Our Fat-Rendering Party in February was a success. About 8-10 people showed up at the home of our local holistic veterinarian for some chopping, cooking, straining, tasting, learning and laughing. Everyone who wanted some went home with a sample of rendered beef tallow, lamb tallow and pork lard, plus raw pork fat to try at home.

We also tried some salted cracklings (or if you prefer, “cracklins”) after the fat had rendered out. I really liked the lamb. Yummy. I ate most of them myself after everyone else left. Nice part is I lost half a pound by the next day.

Two of our attendees even blogged about the event!

Earlier Starting Time for DVDs

Six thirty PM is now our regular starting time for the DVD showings. I’ve had some people say that the 7:30 PM starting time was too late, and I’ve had other people say that it was too early. I realize that I cannot satisfy everyone, but I hope this new earlier starting time will work for most people. Let me know what you think.

Naturally Reared Dogs

In the back of the current issue of the Wise Traditions Journal (Winter 2009) I noticed an ad for AuNaturelK9s and just had to check it out. As you know, I lost my beloved dog Ashke last fall, and have been searching for my next perfect dog. I was impressed to learn that there are dog breeders who have embraced natural methods of raising dogs. From their website:

We practice Natural Rearing and Breeding which means: No Vaccinations, (rabies is required by law in many states), No Flea, Tick, Heartworm, lawn/yard chemicals, No toxic chemicals in our homes, and above all Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet. We embrace homeopathic/holistic veterinary care and rearing methods.

Ashke came from a shelter, and I fully support rescuing a dog whenever you can, but I believe that these dedicated breeders will one day hold the future for many dog breeds, just as parents following the Weston A. Price Foundation diet hold the future health of humanity (see the Healthy Babies Gallery). Through the AuNaturelK9s site I found a number of online dog health forums. I haven’t chosen my next dog yet, but I have “met” some kindred souls in these lists. If you want to improve your dog’s health, learn to feed raw food, learn to use natural methods of health care, or are interested in finding a naturally reared puppy, I recommend checking out these lists.

AuNaturelK9s –
Jstsayno2vaccs –
RawK9s –
ClassifiedDogsNR –

I still have the thought that somewhere nearby, maybe on a local farm, there are some puppies being raised on raw or farm-fresh food. So keep your eyes open in your travels around Oregon. I am willing to drive and willing to pay for my perfect puppy.

If anyone knows of any puppies or a pregnant dog, please let me know.

~ Lisa

Feb 27: Old Fashioned Fat Rendering Party

Community Food Preparation Event

Saturday, February 27, 2010
1:30 to 3:30 PM
At the home of Dr. Teri Sue Wright, DVM
2919 McKendrick St.
(in south Eugene)

“South Chambers straight through the 28th St intersection (blinking light). Take a right onto McLean (3rd street passed that intersection). Take the 1st right on McKendrick. My house is about 8 houses down (1/2 way) on the right. A large telephone pole marks the top of my driveway. Tan house w/ black trim and red doors; the house sets down off the road. Feel free to park in the driveway, OK to park on the right side of the driveway a little ways onto the grass.”

Teri Sue’s number is 541-343-5028

About This Event:
This is a BYOJ party (Bring Your Own Jars).

I first proposed the idea of the “Community Food Preparation Event ” in the August ’09 Newsletter. Teri Sue has volunteered her home, and a whole bunch of fat for this event.

I don’t know if a “Fat Rendering Party” is a traditional event, but it sounds like something you would be more likely to hear about happening in pioneer days than in modern America. This is not a class so much as a get-together and an opportunity to prepare food in the company of other like-minded people. Experience hands-on participation and discussion about rendering beef, lamb and pork fat into useful lard and tallow.

Children and Guests are Welcome:
This is a child-friendly home. Teri Sue has toys and DVDs for young children.