Camas Country Mill Open House – Update

My son and I attended the open house at Camas Country Mill. We made it there for the last tour of the evening on the final day. It was very interesting.  One of the owners of Camas Country Mill gave us some background on the business, how they got into it, and what they went through to start up the mill.  Then he turned on the machine and they quickly bagged a couple hundred pounds of whole wheat flour while we watched.

They had prepared samples made from many of their grains and beans. I don’t think they know about the importance of proper preparation of grains and beans yet, but local and freshly ground is a great start!

We sampled “Faro Big Boost Salad”, “Three Lentil & Squash Curry Soup with Sausage”, “Sue’s Soup with Turkey Sausage”, and others.  My son’s favorite was of course the , “Teff Brownies”, Gluten-free “Chocolate Chip Cookies”, and the apple cider.  My favorite was actually a simple Teff Cereal topped with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.

I’ll have to try making some of these recipes by soaking the grains first using the techniques outlined in Nourishing Traditions.

I don’t know all of the places you can buy these locally grown products, but I know they are selling at the Creswell Farmer’s Market.  I think they are also available at the Eugene Farmer’s Market, probably Hummingbird Wholesale, and maybe some of the local natural food stores.  If you know where these products are available please let us know in the comments below.

One of the owners I spoke to said that their stock of flour and grains rotates in about a month.  That is pretty good for flour available in stores.  For comparison another well-known brand we bought for the Healthy Grains class in October had an expiration date of TWO YEARS in the future!

The delicate oils in grains quickly become rancid after grinding.  That is why we at the Weston A. Price Foundation recommend grinding your own flour, or buying the freshest flour possible, and then following careful preparation techniques.

For more information on the Weston A. Price website about soaking grains and beans see:

January 11th & 25th: Camas Country Mill Open House

This comes to us from the Willamette Food & Farm Coalition:

Camas Country Mill Open House

Two dates!
Wednesday, January 11, 2 to 6:30pm
Wednesday, January 25, 2 to 6:30pm

The opening of Camas Country Mill in 2011 was one of the most exciting food system developments in Lane County. We have farmers growing grains and now we have a mill. Three years ago we were dreaming of this reality.

Many of you have expressed interest in touring the mill. Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, the Hunton family, and the staff at Camas Country will host two open house/mill tours in January.

Come and see the mill in action, the variety of products now available, sample some good eats and take home a few recipes. They will also have flours, dry beans, lentils and breakfast cereals for sale.

RSVP to, or call (541) 341-1216

Camas Country Mill is at 90785 Link Rd.

Take NW Expressway to Aubrey Lane, turn left, go over tracks, and turn left again on Link.

WFFC | 741 Lincoln Street | Eugene, OR 97401