Interviews at the Appropriate Omnivore

Before the Portland Regional Conference I was asked to be interviewed for a podcast on a blog called the Appropriate Omnivore

Here’s a link to my interview: 


The host, Aaron Zober, is doing a series of interviews of Weston A. Price people leading up to the Wise Traditions Conference in Atlanta.  Check them out!

Find all Wise Traditions interviews here:

I have never been interviewed before (and still not sure I was fond of the experience), but I was honored to be included in such great company!

Interview with Sally Fallon Morell by Local Member

Local Eugene Chapter member, Donna Crow, recently conducted an interview with Sally Fallon Morell.  Donna sent us the link so you can listen to this interview free online!

Listen to free Interview/Class with Sally Fallon on Blog Talk Radio with Donna Crow, President of Fountain of Life Healing School of Eugene, Oregon.

On January 17th, 2012, Sally Fallon did a one hour Internet radio broadcast with Donna Crow.
You can listen to the archived program here:

Just look for Sally’s smiling face, click on the show title, and you can listen right through your computer.
The class is free, so enjoy!

Donna Crow

June 2010: From the Editor

Thank You!

A big Thank You, to everyone responded to my request for feedback and potluck hosts! We have plenty of interest in keeping the potlucks going, and we have volunteers for the next four months! It looks like I just need to keep reminding you when we need volunteers.

Make note of the upcoming potluck dates:

  • June 14 at the home of Ellen S.
  • July 12 at the home of Janet R.
  • August 9 at the home of Sara R.
  • September 13 at the home of Mark H.

Directions and details will be posted in upcoming newsletters. For now if anyone would like to volunteer to host a potluck in the Fall, or would like to host a Community Event (see below) just let me know.
The Purpose of This Newsletter

We have been doing these newsletters for nearly three years, and I thought it was about time that I explained the purpose of this newsletter. While I try to include interesting information and make it entertaining to read, its true reason for existence is to get people together IN REAL LIFE. Therefore if you live outside the area and have no intention of ever attending our events, you might not want to stay here, because I am going to keep trying to get everyone who has signed up for this newsletter to attend a real in-person event!

The traditional societies that Dr. Weston A. Price studied did more than simply eat nutrient-dense food in order to be healthy. They had many differences in the way they structured their societies and viewed their place in the world. I think most people will agree that a sense of community and a connection to others is something that is frequently lacking in our modern world. And while we cannot go back to those traditional ways of life completely, we can learn from them and attempt to create the type of society we would like to have for the future.

What kind of world do you want to have in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? What do you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? If nutrient-dense food and healthy people is a part of that vision, then please join us.

Community Food Preparation Events

I first proposed the idea of the “Community Food Preparation Event ” in the August ’09 Newsletter. In February our local member and holistic veterinarian, Dr. Teri Sue Wright, volunteered her home and a whole bunch of fat for our first ever Community Event. Our “Fat Rendering Party was quite successful.

Now it is time to plan our next event. What would you like to see? Suggested topics include sauerkraut, kim chi, canning, preparing foods for freezing, harvesting fruit or vegetables, making mayonnaise and salad dressing, making large batches of meatloaf, or anything else we can dream up.

So, who has a large kitchen or backyard table and would like to host an upcoming Community Event?

Milk Available and Milk Groups

It’s Spring, baby animals have been born, and extra milk is now available a number of farms. I’ve also heard from milk group members that they have openings in their groups. So, if you are looking to add farm-fresh milk into your diet, now is a good time to contact farmers.

Links to Audio Interviews Online

I have been enjoying downloading audio files from the internet and listening to them on my portable MP3 player. Below are a couple sites that have many interesting audio files available to listen to at no charge.

I recently found a link to an interview about colostrum on, and discovered many great speakers (and I am sure many not-so-good ones as well). The host covers diverse topics such as Environment, Geo-Politics, Health, Money/Finance and Spirituality. You will have to register in order to listen to the podcasts or download audio files, but so far I have not been inundated with email, so it is fine.

In the Diet and Nutrition category or the Health Challenges category you can find many familiar speakers that have presented at Wise Traditions Conferences. These interviews include speakers such as:

  • Sandor Katz – How to ferment your own foods
  • Mark McAfee – Organic Pastures Dairy – Raw Milk Producer
  • Farmer Amos Miller – grass fed animal products – Raw, milk, animal, eggs
  • Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride – The true connection between nutrition and brain function
  • Amanda Love – Kefir 101 – Fermentation Primer & Essential Every Day
  • Dave Wetzel – Activator X – Fat Soluable Vitamins – High Vitamin Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil
  • Sally Fallon – Nourishing Traditions – X Factor
  • Datis Kharrazian – Hypothyroidism is an autoimmune issue
  • Mary Newport MD – What If There Was A Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease And No One Knew
  • Dr Gonzalez – Finding your ancestral diet – Pancreatic Enzymes – Detoxing – Acid Alkaline

Those of you who have been reading this newsletter for a while know that I lost my beloved dog Ashke last fall. I posted some interesting dog links in the March 2010 newsletter, and I have continued to find more animal health information. Recently I ran across

On these audio presentations the two Naturopathic Veterinarian hosts conduct interviews and discuss a wide variety of animal health topics. Such as:

  • Pet Care Naturally
  • Pet Vaccines: What You Need To Know
  • Nutrition for our Carnivore Pets
  • Natural Pest & Parasite Control
  • Natural Animal Health Care
  • Animal Welfare / Human-Animal Bond

You can also purchase in MP3 format or audio CD all of the recorded sessions from Wise Traditions Conferences. Selected sessions are also available on DVD. For details, please see: Fleetwood Onsite Conference Recording.

Raw Dog Food Lists

I fed our dog raw food for nine years and intend to continue with our next dog. Since we lost Ashke, I have been researching animal health and trying to link up with other local people who feed raw food. There are some great raw feeding groups that are open to people all over the world, such as: RawK9s, but the two listed below are specifically for people in Oregon and the Pacific NW who feed their dogs Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF).

WAzzuOR_BARF “The primary purpose of this group is to combine our buying power to get the best possible prices on bones and raw food for our pets.”
PacNWRaw “It’s a place to talk about natural feeding methods, to exchange ideas, and to share sources for Raw Meaty Bones, etc.”

You are welcome to discuss raw feeding of dogs and cats on our own local Eugene Chapter Yahoo! Group: WAPFEugene Yahoo! Group.

Also please see the article in The Wise Traditions Journal on Trends in Home-Prepared Diets for Pets.
~ Lisa
Newsletter Editor and Chapter Leader – who is still unfortunately dog-less 🙁 and looking for her next perfect dog somewhere in Oregon – if you know of any puppies or young dogs looking for their new home please email me.

“For the Next 7 Generations” – Oct 16

This is NOT a Eugene Chapter WAPF sponsored event; however listening to the wisdom of indigenous grandmothers seems like something WAPF people may enjoy. I heard Grandmother Flordemayo interviewed on a radio program (Show #626 of The Food Chain), and she was very interesting.

Friday, October 16, 2009
7:00 PM

Unity of the Valley
3912 Dillard Road, Eugene, Oregon

“Please join us for the Eugene premiere of the full length feature film “For the Next 7 Generations”. A documentary detailing the vision and work of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers as they travel the world to spread their message of peace and healing and a call for change now.”

$5 – $50
A fundraiser to benefit the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Dessert and tea will be served following the film.

FMI 541-434-1245
Presented by the Willamette Valley Grandmothers Council