Notes on Potlucks

Eugene Chapter potlucks are a great place to sample good old-fashioned foods, meet new people and ask questions. People who are new to this way of eating are encouraged to attend.

New to all of this?
For those of you who are new to The Weston A. Price Foundation principles please see the Dietary Guidelines and Characteristics of Traditional Diets for brief overviews.

For more information read the Principles of Healthy Diets, and then get a copy of the book Nourishing Traditions for in-depth information and recipes (the Eugene Chapter has a few copies for sale). We also recommend you take the Guided Tour of the Weston A. Price Foundation website or explore on your own.  The website has a wealth of information including many articles and some new videos available free online.

Don’t know what to bring?
See the above links for general guidelines about what is recommended by WAPF. Anything from Nourishing Traditions is wonderful, but don’t feel it has to be extensive or elaborate. A simple homemade meal made from scratch using natural fats would be a great contribution.

Concerned about cost?
The idea is to bring enough food to feed yourself and whoever else you bring. You do not need to bring enough food to feed 6-12 people unless you are bringing 6-12 people! The idea is for everyone to taste each dish and have enough food to feel satisfied. Yes, real food costs more than boxed/processed/artificial food. The savings are in your health, energy level and the benefit to the ecosystem.

Concerned about time?
Our potlucks are traditionally on Monday evenings. If you have work or school on Mondays, please feel free to make your dish on Sunday and bring it to the event to heat up or assemble if needed.

It is worth the effort!
Hopefully meeting new people who share a passion for good food, asking questions and learning from each other, will make it worth all the time and effort it takes to get to the event.

Let us know if you have suggestions to make these events more enjoyable.