Flying Carrot Farm

Flying Carrot Farm
Contact: Adam and Amy Stevens
Phone: 801-718-8510, 801-652-3955
Address: 89043 Poodle Creek Rd, Noti, OR 97461

We are a small, diversified family farm offering pastured meats, eggs, and vegetables. We use organic production methods, often exceeding organic standards, but we are not certified organic. We practice managed intensive grazing and cows and sheep are never fed grain of any kind. All purchase feed, with the exception of hay, is raw, certified organic, soy free, and non gmo verified.

Farm Questionnaire:

Type of Farm & Farm Practices:

1. Is the farm Certified Organic? No
2. If the farm is not Certified Organic, does it use organic production methods? Yes
3. Is the farm certified biodynamic or does it use biodynamic methods? No
4. Does the farm use biological (soil biology building) farming practices? Yes. We practice managed intensive
grazing in the pastures and use cover crops and reduced tilling the garden.
5. Does the farm use the services of a biological soil consultant? No
6. Does the farm apply compost or compost tea? Yes. In addition to the compost we produce ourselves, we
purchase certified organic compost.
7. Does the farm apply other soil amendments? Yes. We use only OMRI listed soil amendments based upon
results of soil tests
8. Does the farm apply a balanced mineralized fertilizer? Yes. In addition to soil amendments recommended by
the soil tests, we apply Cascade Minerals to ensure trace mineral content.
9. Does the farm use synthetic fertilizers that are detrimental to soil biology? No. We use no synthetic fertilizers
10. Does the farm use any of the following: nonorganic pesticides, herbicides, parasiticides, or fungicides? No.
In fact, we do not use pesticides or herbicides of any kind. Parasites are primarily controlled with rotational
grazing practices and supplemented with Basic H, diatomaceous earth, and herbal remedies as necessary.
11. Does the farm use any GMO seeds (such as Triple Stack, Smart Stack, Roundup Ready or BT modified

Animal Husbandry

1. Does the farm keep livestock? Yes.
2. Which animals does the farm raise? Cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks
• Chickens (list breeds): Buff Orpington, Ameraucana, Cuckoo Maran, Mixed breed, Cornish Cross
• Ducks (list breeds): Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, Khaki Campbell
• Turkeys (list breeds):- Royal Palm, Mixed
• Other Poultry (list type and breeds): –
• Cows (list breeds):
• Goats (list breeds):
• Pigs (list breeds):
• Sheep (list breeds): Romney Cross
• Other animals (list types and breeds):
3. Does the farm use synthetic antibiotics? –
4. Are the animals pasture-fed? Yes
5. How much and for how long? Poultry – Year round, Cows up to 2 months deep bedding depending on
weather, otherwise pastured year round. Pigs – Year round unless piglets are obtained in winter, in which case
they are in deep bedding until the coldest weather passes
6. Does the farm practice managed grazing? Yes
7. Does the farm use supplemental feed? Yes.
8. Is the supplemental feed:
• Organic?
Yes, certified organic, soy free, raw – Hay excluded. Hay is purchased locally and has not been
• Non GMO? Yes, purchased feed is non-gmo verified. Exlcuding hay, but that it not GMO
• GMO? No.
9. List types of feed:
• For poultry (list type):
Scratch & peck soy free layer, scratch and peck soy free grower
• For cows, sheep, and/or goats (list type): Hay and grazing only
• For pigs (list type): Scratch and Peck soy free pig grower

Raw Milk & Raw Cheeses:

1. Does the farm supply raw milk or raw cheese? No.

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