Nourished With Nature

Julia and Blake from Nourished With Nature joined us at our potluck in January.  They wanted to pass on this information to everyone:

Nourished With Nature

We offer:
  • Grass Fed and Finished Beef
  • Pastured Pork organically fed non-corn non-soy
  • Pastured Chickens organically fed non-corn non-soy
  • Pastured Eggs organically fed non-corn non-soy
Contact Us:
Farm Store Hours
Saturdays 10am-2pm (or by appointment)
34847 Bond Rd
Lebanon, OR 97355
We would be willing to make deliveries to the Eugene area monthly if a few families wanted to start a buying club with a minimum total order of $500.
We want to give you access to our farm products and realize its a little bit of a drive to get to our farm so we came up with this other option.
Yours Naturally,

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