June 23: DVD Showing – Missing Nutrients in Modern Food

Dirt Poor, Badly Bread and Improperly Prepared: Missing Nutrients in Modern Food

by John Moody

Recorded at the 2015 Wise Traditions Conference. 90 min.

Friday, June 23, 2017

DVD begins at 6:30 PM
Please come around 6:15


Market of Choice
67 West 29th, Eugene
Upstairs in the Community Room


Changing to traditional foods is about more than just WHAT foods we eat, but HOW they are raised and prepared. Since the time of our grandparents and great-grandparents, foods have lost significant amounts of their nutritional value–anywhere from one third to three quarters of their vitamin and mineral content or more! This talk will explore the depth of these nutritional losses, their causes, and the ways we get truly paleo (nutrient-dense) foods back on our plates.

Cost: Free

Donations of any amounts to the Eugene Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation are appreciated.
$5-10 suggested for those who can afford it, and $1-4 for low-income.
(Please also help carry supplies to the car after the movie or volunteer to help the Eugene Chapter in other ways).

About John Moody:

When modern medicine failed him, leaving him with allergies, ulcers, and cavities, John turned to the wisdom of writers and researchers like Weston Price.  By embracing their wisdom, not only were his own hurts substantially healed, but he was able to help others as well.  A farmer, writer, speaker, kombucha and Jun brewer, author of Food Club and Co-op Handbook, board member for Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and member of the administrative team for the Whole Life Buying Club, John’s greatest joy is in his wife and four children and their quiet farm life in Kentucky.


John Moody has written numerous articles for the Wise Traditions Journal, which can be viewed online:

Want to see the DVD, but can’t attend? Purchase your own copy from Fleetwood Onsite Recording:

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