Victory for Auzure Standard Farm

Thanks to all the many people who took time to write or call in a response to Sherman County’s plans to spray Azure Farm, the county weed board received 40,000 emails! They have backed off the plan to spray the organic farm with toxic herbicides.

We just went through the hearing with the county commission and the weed board and I want to thank all you loyal customers for giving your opinion. For spreading the word far and wide. Not only did it spread the word far and wide about this but it opened up a whole new level of debate about organic agriculture, organic farming…I think it’s done wonderful things. It’s given opportunity for people to hear about the benefits of organic agriculture – and healthy food – that have never had it before. Thank you so much. I will say that even thought here in the county there was lively debate, the level heads have prevailed. The county commission has now agreed to work with us on a proper weed plan.

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