Fun With Fermentation this Saturday!

Hi all,

Hope you enjoyed the snow!  I’ve been snowed in without internet (or hot running water) for the past week.  Still had a nice vacation at home.

The Eugene Chapter is planning to attend the 8th annual Fun with Fermentation Festival this Saturday, January 14th, 2017, and we are calling on you to help.  We need some more volunteers.  Can you spare an hour or two to set up or staff our booth?  We can use people with all levels of skill and familiarity with WAPF principles.

Can you do any of these tasks? (pick one or more):

  • Carry boxes?
  • Set information out on the table?
  • Smile at people who come up?
  • Talk with people about the Weston A. Price Foundation principles?
  • Refer people to our website?
  • Pack boxes and load them back into the car?

If so, we need you!  Volunteers get in free, and its a lot of fun!

For more details about the event see:

Contact me ASAP to let me know if I can count on you.



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