April 2016 DVD showing

Six Inches of Soil in Six Months and Six Hundred Thousand Bugs

by John Moody

Recorded at the 2014 Wise Traditions Conference

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

DVD begins at 6:30 PM
Please come around 6:15


Market of Choice
67 West 29th, Eugene
Upstairs in the Community Room

Nutrient-dense  meals come from properly prepared nutrient-dense foods; and nutrient-dense foods come from properly balanced nutrient-dense soils.  So, how do we help our soils, and when needed, create more? John will share techniques and tactics for quickly building rich, bioactive soils using various waste streams and small animals to produce free forage for the animals and nourishing food for your family. 


Donations of any amounts to the Eugene Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation are appreciated.
$5-10 suggested for those who can afford it, and $1-4 for low-income.
(Please also help carry supplies to the car after the movie or volunteer to help the Eugene Chapter in other ways).

Want to see the DVD, but can’t attend? 

Purchase your own copy from Fleetwood Onsite Recording: 24472 – Six Inches of Soil  $25

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