Potluck in Review – Sources for Traditional Foods

Hi all,

We had a wonderful potluck in February, great food and lots of lively discussion!  Our topic was where to find traditional foods.  I had several requests for notes from people who couldn’t make the meeting, so I wrote down the following highlights:

Weston A. Price Foundation Shopping Guide

Our annual shopping guide summarizes our nutritional principles and categorizes different types of foods into “Best,” “Good,” and “Avoid” categories. It includes brand names for finding the healthiest foods in supermarkets, health food stores, and by mail order or online.
I also gave away a few free copies of the 2015 Shopping Guide.  If you’d like a copy, be sure to come to one of our upcoming events and remind me.


The Find Real Food Mobile App has been completely rebuilt from scratch and now includes the ability to find store locations near you (using GPS enabled interactive maps), which sell WAPF approved products from the Shopping Guide! No matter where you are in the US, you can find where to go to buy over 13,000 nutrient dense foods with no additives or processing which have been meticulously researched, pre-approved by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

The mobile app and website are free for the first 30 days, and $5.99 per year thereafter. Your subscription payment for “Find Real Food Locations” will allow you to login using any computer or use the app via your mobile phone or tablet!

Locally Grown Directory

Locally Grown is your premier guide for sourcing local foods.

Available in both a printed Directory available around Eugene and an online searchable guide at lanefood.org.

Hummingbird Wholesale

Hummingbird Wholesale is a full service wholesale distributor that incorporates humanity into the business relationship. We choose our products carefully, considering the sustainability of farming practices, nutritional value, and special dietary needs. We buy local and directly from the farmers whenever possible.

They are open for retail sales Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-2 PM, and have information about buying clubs.

Fill Your Pantry

An annual event in the fall in Eugene.  Order foods at discount prices from local farms and fill your pantry with items that will keep through the winter. Presented by Willamette Farm & Food Coalition

That’s My Farmer

An annual event in Eugene.  Meet local farmers and join a CSA.


“The online Farmers Market” Presented by Willamette Farm & Food Coalition


Eatwild.com provides research-based information about “eating on the wild side.” This means choosing present-day foods that approach the nutritional content of wild plants and game—our original diet. Evidence is growing on an almost daily basis that these wholesome foods give us more of the nutrients we need to fight disease and enjoy optimum health.

Local Natural Foods Stores

Eugene has an abundance of local natural food stores to chose from.  Listings for these stores can be found in the Locally Grown Directorys.

Local Butchers & Markets

Our Eugene Chapter, WAPF website has a list of local sources for meat and bones with my comments about sources.

GoBioFood Gelatin

One of our partisipants mentioned the source she has been using for organic gelatin.  She said that this brand was the only one she found that uses vinegar rather than harsh chemicals to extract the gelatin.


The Eugene Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation has a Yahoo! Group so that all of our local participants can communicate with each other.  We encourage everyone to join and jump right in with your questions and suggestions.  This group can be used for coordinating larger buying of food items to share, discussing where to buy particular items, discussing experiences with different farmers or stores (both good and bad), and much more.

If you tried to join earlier and never got in, please try again.  I am back to approving members myself.  Just let me know that you are local.  I am always on the lookout for “spiders” bots” and all those automated programs that want to fill our inboxes with junk!

Find Nutrient-Dense Foods

Another page on our local website.  I have put together links and resources here.

Raw Milk List

The Eugene Chapter maintains a list of Eugene area farms that produce milk.  These farmers are operating within Oregon law, but for the safety and privacy of the farms we do not post this list online.  We do not accept any payment for this service.

Please Contact Us for the raw milk list.


RealMilk.com is a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  On this site you can find much information about the health, safety, and laws about raw milk.  They also maintain a list of raw milk suppliers.  If you are searching for real milk, check out the Real Milk Finder on RealMilk.com.  We do not have the same lists.

Here are some photos of some of the food at the potluck (and one really cute puppy):

(Click on a photo to see larger version)

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