Cell Towers in Eugene

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter member:

Hi Lisa,

On Oct. 13, we will be speaking to the Eugene City Council Open Forum on the subject of cell towers. Line-up to speak is 6:30pm, time limit 3 minutes, to me it’s easier to write out what am going to say. Lane County requires that cell towers be sited at least 1200 ft. from schools and homes. Unbelievably, there is no limit to how close the towers (even the large ones) can be sited in the City. The tower proposed for my residential neighborhood is 8 stories at Crossfire Church on 4060 W. Amazon. There are families living less that 100 ft. away, next to a day-care, near a school and senior facility. This is such an important time for all us who are concerned about the cell towers proposed for our residential areas to speak out and tell our concerns to the City. There are multiple large towers in the planning for Eugene residential areas.

On Oct. 27 at 5:30pm the Eugene City Council will be having a Work Session on the passing of a more protective cell tower ordinance. We are asking that at the very least the City adopt the 1200 ft variance that Lane County has for distance between cell towers and homes and schools. Some communities are even calling for a moratorium on the building of any more cell towers in residential area giving the local government more time to study the issue. The LLC Buy-Out Companies that are paying $$$ for these tower contracts are of particular concern.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about this. I am very grateful that our Councilwoman, Betty Taylor has called for the Work Session. Please tell everyone to call or email your Councilperson and tell them that you are very concerned about the cell towers being proposed for Eugene residential areas and that you want a protective City Ordinance on Cell Towers. The federal Telecommunication Act of 1996-tried to take away our local rights about cell towers but Lane County has a more protective cell tower ordinance as do other communities and we want the same.

There are so many dvds available on the negative health effects of cell towers on human, birds, bees, etc. Eugene’s Dr. Paul Dart and a panel of local physicians spent 18 months reviewing the medical information on the cell towers. His presentation to EWEB is available on youtube under Dr. Paul Dart-Smart Meter (Cell Tower) Hazard. Dr. Dart also addressed the Oregon Legislature last year-that is also on youtube.

Thank you.


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