Nutrient Dense Meats available from Eugene Local Foods

This comes to us from a local Eugene Chapter volunteer:

I’ve been emailing the farmers that sell meats at Eugene Local Foods (the online farmer’s market here in Lane County).

They are starting to offer nutrient dense meat parts and I request your help by purchasing them and feeding them to you family.
Here are the new offering and some of my favorites:
  • Duck Feet  ($6.25/5 lb)  makes amazing bone broth, cook 48 hours on simmer then strain after beating all the parts a bit with a spoon.
  • Chicken Feet  same as duck feet
  • Duck Gizzards   they are looking into selling them
  • I’m asking about Chicken Gizzards
  • Duck Hearts    I’ve just gotten the first order (3.90 LB)

They sell all these livers:

  • Beef, Duck, Chicken, Lamb
  • I purchased Pork Kidneys   they were delicious ($.63/pair)
  • Lamb Hearts   OMG, I’m in love
I always freeze these items for a minimum of 12 days before eating. I’ve learned to NEVER over cook any of the organ meats. 
Please consider checking out this resource. I find most of these items to be reasonably priced. They also sell bones, and the prices for bones have been going up. Meaty Lamb Bones were $.95/lb, now they are $1.95/lb :((
Deck Family Farm sells a ground mixture of organ meats for $6 a pound (in the pet section). It’s very good, I just find it a bit expensive.
Thanks,  Rouanna
For more info go to: Eugene Local Foods

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  • Joanna

    Hi Rouanna,

    Where are you getting your chicken feet from? You mention a price an all, but not a seller…