September 29: GAPS Support Group

Hi all,

The first GAPS support group for this fall will be Sept 29th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We will review the importance of the GAPS diet, who needs it and foundational ideas. I will demo a basic recipe. (Thinking of mayo as that was a challenge for me initially. But, who knows what other recipe will grab my fancy by then?) On going meetings will be the first Monday of each month starting in November. 
Please come prepared to share any new discoveries you have made over the summer as far as where to buy quality foods etc. 
Just a review of our group. This is open to anyone in the community to attend. Please feel free to invite friends and family that might be interested in gaining better health, especially those with a gluten sensitivity and ongoing challenges. This really does work for a variety of problems!
This year I am asking that anyone that attends more than once as a visitor be willing to bring a gaps qualifying sample for us once during the year of meetings. We all have different food preferences and ideas, so lets glean from each other. You may demo it for us, or if that seems intimidating you can tell us what you did as we munch. 
Also, a a reminder that there will be a donation jar and a $5.00 or more donation helps support the cost of copies and supplies used to demo. This is greatly appreciated!
Cherie Anello, NTP, CGP
“All Disease Begins in The Gut.” Hippocrates

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