Nov 9: Variety Meats Class

Inexpensive vitamin and mineral supplements:

Variety meats and organs contain the richest concentration of vitamins and minerals of any foods. They were considered sacred in many traditional cultures, and common in American recipe books a mere 3 to 4 generations ago. Prized for their nutrient content, they were fed to pregnant women and growing children to ensure a healthy population.

Come learn what makes these foods valued by traditional people the world over. Sample and learn to make delicious meals that include Sweet Breads (thymus), Gizzards, Tongue, Heart, Liver and more!

If you have been curious to try them, but not ready to do it on your own, this is the class for you!

Variety Meat Class
Date: Saturday November 9th, 2013

Location: CrossFire Church
4060 West Amazon Drive
Eugene, OR, 97405

Time: 12:00 to 3:00 PM

Pre-Registration $55
(Registration at the door $65)

Register Now!

Checks also accepted at local events or by mail. Contact us for details.

Class registration includes booklet with all recipes covered, educational materials, demonstrations, Q&A and LOTS of yummy samples!

Bring your apatite and your sense for adventure! You won’t go home hungry and you won’t be disappointed!

1 comment to Nov 9: Variety Meats Class

  • Hi Lisa,
    I do want to come to Organ meats, and I do not seem to be nursing!
    Is there still room??
    I don’t want to pay on the computer – can I pay in exact cash at the door?
    ($65.) or.. . . . is there something better for you.? . . ..
    Gratefully, jan